Workout Rating After Increasing Intensity

If you’re raising the intensity of a workout, should your rating reflect the workout at the increased intensity of the original intensity?

For example, I did Thimble +1 today (VO2 max, 3 sets of 127% FTP x7). The first couple of intervals were easy so I gradually raised the intensity during the first set up to 110%. Then interval sets 2 and 3 were done at 105-110% of the original prescribed wattage.

Had I left it at 100% intensity for the whole workout, it probably would’ve been easy/moderate but at the increased intensity it was hard/very hard.

How should I have rated this effort?

I think Nate said on a podcast a few months back rate it as as it honestly felt and don’t overthink it. The system will do the thinking for you and take account of what you did to the intensity, etc


Always rate based on what you ACTUALLY DID, and how IT FELT.

2 Likes Down the page a way, under ‘How do I use surveys’, there’s a bit where they talk more about how the different ratings might feel. For example, Very Hard might mean you couldn’t have done another set, where Hard, you would have had to dig in, but could do it.