Survey Response Post Ride

Hi all…I always struggle with the RPE response post TR workout. I just finished a threshold interval workout 4 or 5… 5 min intervals at FTP. I could have gone at least 1 min more per interval and/or an additional interval. Rated it moderate. Does that sound accurate …honestly I don’t have a clue…thanks

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Here is the latest:

And a link to the official TR article that is worth a look.


Hi guys. I’m new to adaptive training and a first time poster. I’ve just completed my first VO2 max workout and when asked how the effort level felt this threw up a question in my mind.

Overall the workout was fairly easy to complete although of course at times the effort level within the short intervals was a bit harder. My question is am I supposed to be rating the workout as a whole in terms of how easy it was to complete or am I rating the difficulties of the actual intervals?

I hope that makes sense!

Workout as a whole. And not “Easy, factoring in that it was threshold work”. Just say how it felt as a standalone effort.



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Thanks Chad …perfect… just what I was looking for.


That’s more or less how I’ve approached it. As expected workouts at 2/3/4 for endurance / SS & some threshold / VO2 and adjust from there (though 1 and 5 are very rare; I almost never use the ends of a ranking scale except for ridesharing type apps where it’s weighted really heavily onto the driver).

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