Workout question Little Moose

Hello. Just curiosity really but I’ve been prescribed Little Moose. Not that every workout has to be a grind but it seems like not a lot when the few efforts are separated by 30 mins at a very low wattage. Curious what the purpose is really.

Can I substitute or…? Maybe I’m missing something and it is harder than it seems.

Hey @OwenL :slight_smile:

Little Moose is being prescribed because your VO2 Max Progression Level is 1.0 still so Adaptive Training is recommending a Productive Difficulty Level workout which are normally just above your Progression Level.

As you progress through the workouts your Progression Levels will start increasing and so will the Workout Levels that Adaptive Training recommends.

You are more than welcome to choose a Workout Alternate if you want a harder workout, I’d just keep it in the Productive level. Depending on how successfully you complete your workout, AT will recommend adaptations for future VO2 Max workouts to meet your current capabilities. :muscle:

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