Feature request: predict PRs for a workout

So often I like to see if I might get a PR for a workout, so I look at the total calories. If I convert the calories to Watts (simple divide by workout duration in hours, and then divide by 3.6) then I can see if the whole workout time will be a PR for that duration (assuming adherence to the power targets).

However, for time windows shorter than the whole workout, it’s tricky to work out, particularly with the complexity of some of the intervals. This would be a good motivator to know in advance that a PR is coming.

The UI might be similar for an existing completed workout… a compare button where you select a season or two to compare with a specific workout. Then it shows the same graph as you get when comparing seasons, but one of the curves is a prediction rather than a record.


Maybe my training varies from other people’s, but it’s really rare that I hit power PRs in TR workouts.

In fact the way they’re mostly structured is for each interval to be below your potential power for that duration, so you can repeat it.

For instance, I just did a 19 minute TT at the weekend. I don’t think there are ANY Trainer Road workouts that would give me a power PR for 10-15 minutes now. Similarly, after I did a 1x90 sweetspot interval on Zwift, that’s pretty much me done for 60-90 minutes until I do something like that again.

So basically, for me it wouldn’t be a regular enough occurrence to start building a new feature around.