Workout Optimization - INSCYD Report Included


I have been cycling for about 1 year and using TR for about 9 months of that.Over that time I have had a blast on the bike and learned plenty about myself. So much so that I gave myself the gift of a Metabolic test for the holiday and to kick off 2021 and found the results pretty interesting. For the results it seems my genetics are great for this type of thing. Ive never known this and now at 35 I’d like to maximize and capitalize as best I can until I can’t. :wink:

That said, based on this report I am looking to everyone to see if there is a way I can further optimize this workout plan? I agree with the diagnosis to work to decrease my VLaMax while also maintaining my VO2Max and lay down some power.


Attached: INSCYD Metabolic Report
08:01:21 Metabolic.pdf (1.1 MB)

Thanks for listening!

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Your test results don’t matter. If you want to race go race. You’ll be bad at it before you’re good at it. If it’s fun for you, you might get better at it.


If you are a good sprinter, the other option is to embrace your high VLAmax and race crits or some other even where you can use your talents.

Was this a power-only test or did they also take lactate samples?

@AJS914 I plan to start once we get over this hurdle as a country. I don’t want to lower it by a huge amount but bring it down to .6 in order to better utilize my fat stores.

Looking forward to riding and racing!

@norman These numbers were based on my numbers from a Dexascan + Blood tests. Below are the results of those tests.