Workout graphs not correctly shown

The graph showing the target power in Workout Details for workouts like Black looks wrong and is not the same as the one I see in other parts of the application.

Image 1 shows the Black workout in the Workout Details with very big changes in the target power.
Image 2 shows the Black workout in the Workout Alternate. The graph indicates very small variations in target power.
Image 3-4 show the Black workout various other parts of the application in a similar way as in Image 2.

I expect these graphs to be the same. I am using the TrainerRoad app (not web) on MacOS.

Skjermbilde 2022-01-08 kl. 09.40.32

If you haven’t already done so, please email with this issue. It’s the more immediate and direct way to get it reviewed.

Even a like to this thread is enough and a nice shortcut sine you already have good info here.


This thread actually raises a really good issue which I have seen on a number of new variants that have been created with AT introduction.
The snippets no longer are in line with the actual workout. I’ve never lodged a ticket on it but is that the most effective way? There are a LOT of workouts that have this issue based on what I have seen over the last month.