Workout Description Included in .FIT file?

I have TR synced to Final Surge (running team uses this for workout scheduling, I don’t use for analysis or tracking though) and when a completed workout is pushed to FS it includes not only the title but the description. Is there any way to have the same thing happen with Training Peaks? Currently my completed workout syncs to TP and includes the title in standard format, but the description is left blank. Is the description something that is carried to FS through the .fit file or does it get pushed only because of the direct link I have enable from TR to FS? Forgive me if this doesn’t make sense or should be obvious…

that wouldn’t be something contained in the fit file. I’m sure someone else can correct me, but I’ve been working on programming interpreting fit files for a trainingpeaks type site of my own and the fit file standard doesn’t include descriptive stuff other than ride title. Any descriptive stuff is other data connected to trainerroad’s API that 3rd parties would have to implement. So Strava and trainingpeaks probably don’t bother with including workout descriptions whereas final surge does.

Hope this helps and anyone can feel free to correct any of my incorrect points!

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I don’t have a ton of experience with the raw data in the files but didn’t remember anything in with regard to description or similar. Makes sense that it is something that may or may not be enabled through the API and would be on the Receiver’s End to implement.

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