Future of Workout Creator Given the End of Adobe Support for Air?

To TrainerRoad Team,

I know that an update to Workout Creator isn’t, or hasn’t been, on the top of your to do list, but what is the plan for allowing users to create their own workouts going forward given that Adobe ended its support of Air at the end or 2020?

Adobe Air has been handed off to Harman (a wholly‐owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.), and from Harman’s website it looks like Air will no longer be freely available.


Hi, I can’t see a reply and am trying to figure out how to use workout creator to create a course in TR from BBS now for an upcoming race. What is the latest? Thanks!

Are you looking to create a workout who’s power requirements match a BBS ride plan?

If so, this would be straight forward, but potentially time consuming depending upon how many power intervals there are

I’ve got a 70.3 race course that I made in BBS, and I want to create it in TR workout creator. I’ve done this for years, downloading the ERG file from BBS putting it in workout creator and then having a custom workout in TR. I don’t know how else to do this with workout creator broken?

Did TR ever reply?

Lisa B.

Workout Creator should not be ‘broken’, its still supported, the team (support@trainerroad.com) will just have to walk you through some updates! Drop them an email, they’ll help you out.