Workout Creator Only Saving Newly Created Workout In Draft Mode

I have created a new workout in the Workout Creator, however, every time I hit Publish it still shows the workout as being in Draft. I have logged in and out of both the Creator and the Trainer Road app, but all to no avail. Any ideas as to how to fix this? Thanks.

Update. I have tried this again but to no vail. It comes back with a message saying, “Error Publishing Workout”.

Sorry to hear about the trouble with this.

Could you try with these specific steps in this order?

  1. Log out of the WC, TrainerRoad App, and website.
  2. Log into the WC.
  3. Publish the workout in the WC.
  4. Log into the TrainerRoad app and website again.
  5. View Custom Rides tab to see if the ride published.

Let us know if that works. If not, we’ll keep troubleshooting!

Hello Zachary,

I did what you suggested but it didn’t work. I know it’s a bit hard to see, but in the bottom left of the screenshot there’s an error message saying, “Error Publishing Workout”. I’m not sure why it’s occurring because up until a week ago everything was working just fine. Any further assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Got it – I’ll report this issue to the bug-hunting team so we can troubleshoot further.