Workout Creator disabled?

Has this been switched off now? Tried to publish one and received an error and just getting a revolving circle at checking for new workouts.

What version are you running?

Mine’s working. 1.5.0 on MacOS.


Worked for me this morning. MacOS 11.4. Workout Creator 1.5.0.

Reload Adobe Air maybe

Have just tried this, no difference. I’ve had 3 occasions now where it starts to load the workouts but gets to 630 and then stalls.

I’ve raised a ticket but haven’t received any suggestions yet.

Another try, got to 1720, stuck again.

Finally, got there, took about 10 attempts.

Is workout #630 Johnson? I only ask because none of us can make it through Johnson…so maybe WorkoutCreator is just normal.

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Piqued my interest, doesn’t seem too bad tbh, may try it one day.

If you make it all the way through then your ride feed will have one big, swingin’ Johnson.

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Uh oh! If you’re still having trouble, please get in touch with Cheers!

Hi Ivy

It sorted itself out in the end, it took about 10 attempts to get all of the workouts ‘loaded’, not sure what was going on but it can be closed now.


I can confirm it stucks at arbitrary number of downloaded workouts and that’s it.

I mistakenly resynched again recently and it took many many attempts

I am having the same issue, workout download stalls at a different number every try.

Best I’ve done is almost getting to 3,000 workouts downloaded. It mostly stops around 2,000 or so. Tried quite a few times a week or so ago but gave up.

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Had to log out and log back in, and I’m back in business.

I had the same problem of the download stalling and contacted Support with the problem.

They immediately emailed me a database to replace the one on my PC and after a quick update, everything was running as it should be.


Nice! Yes best protocol always is to check in with Sorry for the trouble but glad they sorted you out!

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I’ve had to try up to 20 times before it goes all the way to the end :smiley::smiley:

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Is there a real solution to this?
Its hanging on both computers. luckily my old pc only needed to update 300 workouts so relaunching a handful of times worked. But on my new pc it has to download 3k+ and hangs very early on every time.