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I’ll have a listen

She’s certainly an unusual character. It sounds like her coach is trying to get her to cross train, hence the broken foot from hiking. I think her health depends on managing her obsession…

My doctor said that she believed people gained weight on birth control because of being in a relationship(going out to eat more, more drinking etc) not because of the bc itself. It’s not the case for everyone but she said bc rarely is the main cause of weight gain.

I wonder how she “knows” without a study?
I have a tendency not to carry fat on my stomach - more on my hips. I had 5 zoladex injections - 5 months of female hormones being blocked and menopause being triggered. Without doubt there was a sudden increase in fat on my stomach, without weight gain. This began to reduce when I came off the medication.
So not weight gain due to medically induced hormone changes but a definite and very clear change of fat distribution patterns.
Hope that helps

Ok, so a bit of an update from my side. I had a bit of a tough few months last summer, where all I can guess is my hormones were out of whack. I gained a few pounds and felt slightly depressed (definitely felt OFF), had a couple of UTIs where I hadn’t had any in years, plus had some irregular periods (highly unusual for me because I have a Mirena IUD). I saw my doctor and had some bloodwork, but everything came back normal and didn’t show perimenopause or anything. (I was 44 then; now 45.) Anyway, fortunately things improved and I felt a lot more normal, but I wanted to try to lose weight. I had lost some weight a few years ago and went back to that process since it had worked for me. I lost about 4 lbs by March, but then I regained a couple of those pounds back, and I was plateaued. Nothing I was doing was budging my weight. I was stuck for months. My prior method had come from working with a nutritionist, but he wasn’t available, so I reached out to another friend (who is a nutritionist) to see if she could recommend anyone. Instead, she offered to help. I jumped at her offer. We started in mid-July.

Nothing we tried for the first six to seven weeks worked. I was still stuck and plateaued. We kept changing things around, and finally we found a combination of things that have worked! I’m down about 8 lb, and this is the lowest I’ve been in probably 5-6 years.

I won’t get into my rant about how much of what I am now doing goes against a lot of the TR recommendations, but then a lot of what they recommend is for guys and also they are still very geared for performance. I had to reduce the number of calories I was eating from a target of around 1800 down to between 1600-1700, with approximately a breakdown of around 32% fat, 30% protein, and 38% carbs. I also had to change my mindset to be solely weight-loss focused, NOT performance focused (so this is clearly NOT a TR approach), so I do all of my workouts as fasted (yes, I know this is against what Stacy Sims recommends), and not eat much on longer rides, to try to get my body to burn fat. And I do a lot of z2 rides now, plus I’ve added HIIT circuits and Tabata workouts. All of this has finally convinced my body to FINALLY give up some of its fat.

Of course, this was a really good time to make this big commitment and all of these changes to my workout routine because of COVID and no racing. I still have a couple of pounds to go for my original goal weight, and then I will decide if I want to keep going or just hold for awhile. I am going to have to figure out how to maintain and not regain, but I will work on that when I get there.

Anyway, I just wanted to share, in case it was helpful to anyone else.


Glad you’ve found something that works for you after all the previous frustration!


Thanks, ME TOO. It’s kind of amazing how frustrating it is to be trying and trying and thinking you’re doing things right, only to not see any results. It was honestly rather gratifying that it took a few weeks to sort through things with the nutritionist, because it kind of crystallized for me that I wasn’t doing things WRONG per say, just that I needed to try new things to get my body to do what I wanted.

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So pleased you found something that works for you. As I said in a previous post, I have found increased fat gain due to hormones to be a real and often miss understood phenomenon.
I think it’s worth bearing in mind what doesn’t work for us may work at a different point in time. So fasting is not healthy for me now, but might be in the future. Thanks for bringing that possibility to my attention.
I had a full hysterectomy 4 weeks ago - so no ovaries now. They’ve put me on the lowest estrogen patch and I have to wait 3 months to see if that works for me. I see a possible fight on my hands to get an increased dose of it doesn’t. Medical professionals seem to have their own opinion on what’s safe which does not seem to reflect current studies.
For me, the hot flushes lead to heat stroke in the summer months. I need to be able to ride/ race in the summer.
For women N=1

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I’m so glad you were finally able to get your hysterectomy, since I know it had been delayed and delayed. I hope it solves your issues, although I’m sorry you now foresee more arguments. I agree that too many medical professionals seem to want to put us in the “normal” box, but don’t keep up with recent research. We all need to be our own strongest advocates, which gets old, but if we don’t stand up for ourselves then we unfortunately often end up with sub-par results. Just keep repeating yourself and stay strong, and hopefully you can get someone to listen to you.
And yes, it’s kind of interesting the results I’m seeing with the fasted rides. I had mentioned the “increased cortisol” argument to the nutritionist and ended up with an earful about “how do you know that your cortisol is increased if you do a fasted ride?” I recalled a similar conversation with another nutritionist a few years ago. I have a cycling coach who follows Stacy Sims a lot, and she wasn’t thrilled when I told her that I was trying the fasted rides. But she agreed with my statement of “I’ve tried a lot of other things and they weren’t working. This isn’t forever, and I need to try it.”
I agree that for women, N=1, and it’s an important number. We need to try things with ourselves to see what the results are. And yes, what works now may not work later. So important to keep an open mind!!


I thought the same thing when I listened to that episode of The Adventure Stache.