Women’s Ironman WC 2023, Kona (Spoilers)

It’s on!

Taking my favourite tactic, Lucy has gone out hard on the swim and is off on the bike with a circa 1m30s lead ahead of the pack behind her.


And that’s despite going slightly off track and having to reroute during the swim.


At 7.4km Lauren Brandon leading the chase with Chris and Clarke still 1m30s back.

Then spaced out it’s Knibb +2, Wilma +2.5, Crowley +3, Zilinskas +3, Oliviera +4, Sodaro +5


LC holding off TN, big pack 6.5’ back.

Taylor lost two bottles.


That could have some very big implications for the run, depending on what nutrition TN can get out on course.

It seems super close - I think Ryf will be in the mix when they get towards the end of the bike.

Edit - Just seen that Ryf is up to third on the bike at 41 miles!

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Kat lost 3 min in a split second… what happened anyone know? Littering pen? Mech? Something else?

Not made the next split… might be out. Uggh! Has now but lost another 5 min. Just a bad day maybe.

Yes Taylor might struggle on the run.

I don’t think LCB has gotten the kind of gap she needs to survive the run……we’ve seen this movie before, I fear.

Hoping this year is different.

As much as I want Lucy to finally do it, I’m enjoying Knibb - seems like she’s enjoying it, chatting away, her bike looks awesome and I like her old school aero bars.

I’m feeling positive. :smile:

Lots of shuffling 8-10 minutes back, but it’s Lucy and Taylor’s to lose now, imo.

Lot of strong runners there but ten to fifteen minutes is a lot.

I think Haug will be on the podium for sure.


LCB has steadily increased her lead to over 4.5 min….on the run now.

Is this finally her year?

Lead out to over 5’….

Laura Philip not looking good……almost certain that Haug will run down. Could possibly even run down Knibb if she does a Haug-type run, but that may be a stretch.

Did Knibb drop out? Showing Haug is in 2nd and Knibb is off the board…

ETA - never mind. They have her back on the board in 2nd, 6 min back. Dunno why she dropped off the board.

I think it’s going to be close for Lucy and Anne, but I’ve got to hit the sack now :sleeping:

Go Lucy! :uk:

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Haug picks up Knibb and on an absolute mission…everybody holding together so far though!

Haug making up ground….but I don’t think she has enough road left to catch LCB.

LCB finally wins the big one….leads from start to finish!!


Anne Haug made up a LOT of time….Knibb finishes off the podium, but an impressive debut, nonetheless.


Finally cracked the top spot, and couldn’t be a better day! CR, leading from the gun in classic LCB form, and a huge jump in the run despite some apparent achilles complaints. Pretty great outings from the other ladies as well- Haug looking like a machine on the run, great day for Phillip, and a thoroughly impressive debut from Knibb.
Sad to see Kat Matthews DNF on the bike- she looked to be In great form so I wonder what happened there?

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Just caught up the last half of the marathon - what a race!

So happy for Lucy, so long in coming I’ve watched the heartbreak every year through blurry eyes. I feel like the world has been restored to rights, finally the podium we’ve been expecting :slight_smile:


I hope this inspires female triathletes everywhere but in Britain especially, Lucy just kept working and working year after year even though it seemed sometimes that everything was against her, well now she has the World Championship title and surely must be the most supported champion ever after so many second place finishes.



Great race so many great performances.

So glad to finally see Lucy get that top step and what a time, course record.
Run course record for Anne.

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Was an amazing race. So happy with the podium, well deserved :de::de::uk:

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Haug is an insanely talented runner. A 2:48 marathon in hot conditions, after 180k bike, at age 40(!!!). That’s just 6 minutes slower than my best open marathon time when I was in my early 30s and focusing only on running. And her form never faltered. 3rd fastest overall time in history as well. I think her race was even more impressive than LCB’s