Wolfpack on Prime

Can’t see anything in the search results, has no one else watched this documentary series on Prime?

Seems like a lot of people here would appreciate it but no posts so…

When I looked into it a month or so ago it wasn’t available in the US. I wanted to watch it, but even with a VPN couldn’t access it (think Amazon is using my account info, not my current IP, to limit access).

Unless that has changed, or I missed it somehow, the lack of US availability might explain the lack of interest/posts


Yep. Just checked. “Not available in your location”

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Not available in Germany either… UK only maybe? This going to be a wildly, wildly popular show at this rate :joy::rofl:


Ah. Well…that explains it then. Sorry for the teaser!

Maybe email Amazon and ask about it, demand drives everything there.

I got it on Prime in Ireland by searching for the name specifically. It didn’t come up scrolling through the menu’s. A fair bit is in English, but I have to select the subtitles as it’s not the English Language flagged series (i.e. if I don’t have English Subtitles on, I don’t get the flemish/ french subtitles - but I get subtitles for the english language bits too).

It’s ok, a bit of confirmation bias with Remco and Lefevere…

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Thanks for the heads up. Just watched the first two episodes. It’s nothing ground breaking, but it’s well put together (to tell a particular narrative) and it’s entertaining.

Seeing everyone reacting so hard to the crashes, plus the wins and losses shows how much it really means to everyone in the team.

I had the same issue with subtitles. Had to turn them on for all dialogue, otherwise I didn’t get any subtitles at all. My Flemish and French isn’t good enough for that, to put it mildly.

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Cool, glad you like it.

I didn’t get hooked the first episode but I came back to it on the trainer after watching a few highlights of the Giro and got drawn into the team and individual drama. You get to know some of the individuals as real people I think too.

Cant say I’ve noticed about the language and subtitles, but it is a multinational team naturally. Pretty sure the narrator is in English for me - I’m in the UK.

I enjoyed it.

A nice insight into the team throughout the year and spotlights on some of the riders.
I didn’t notice subtitle issues, potentially as I have them on full time anyway.

Has made me more excited for the Netflix TdF docuseries coming soon and more disappointed that the Jumbo Visma docuseries wasn’t available in the UK.

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