Wishlist for 2020 - Individual and Race Specific Training Plans

Here is my wish for the next season:

I want to upload the GPX files (incl. elevation profile) of my target races together with race date and race priority (A,B or C). As a result I get individual training plans for the remaining period based on my weekly hours available.

All similar to Best Bike Split where I upload the course and get segment specific power data for race day - just instead of getting race day data I get individual training plans that take course profiles and dates of different races into account - so that I don’t even have to select from predefined plans.

There is enough time from now till next season…

Such a feature would sharpen your profile and distinguish from Zwift.


I’m not sure I can promise anything for next season yet, but we are currently working on some changes in this area. Sorry, that’s all I can say!! :speak_no_evil: Keep an eye out for updates. :wink:


Sounds like you want something a personal coach would give you. and with that, comes the cost of a personal coach or training plan built for a desired and specific race/event. TR is attractive because of how cheap it is.
I wouldn’t be surprised if TR does add a premium feature with race specific plans, CTL,.

FasCat coaching has a lot of these and Frank does a tremendous job building these plans. Check it out. Plus, TrainingPeaks has all of this as well.

I think you’d need to give them a bit more than course profile. Details around the type of event, laps, etc. Maybe even something where you highlight what you think the decisive section of the course will be (if applicable).

They could guess at a lot of this but I think you’d need more information than course profile to accurately build a plan

Would be a very powerful addition though - particularly if they gave you good workouts during a race season, or during transition periods, etc.

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I believe that TR can automate individual training plans - without becoming very expensive. In the Forum you see let’s of questions around (a) which plan to choose, (b) how to adapt for more or less time and © how to deal with multi-event planning.

The concept of FTP based plans was the first big step towards individual training plans as you can apply one and the same plan to every rider - based on his FTP data.

The next easy step would to upload a race profile of your key race and the system would tell you which plan is the best fit.

Going further the system could suggest individual training plans by combining workouts based on your targets, available time and training volume capacity and therefore to address the three questions above.

I would be happy though if I could just provide my race profiles, weekly available hours and average TSS and as a result get my calendar filled up with workouts…

There will still be room for fully individual training plans from individual coaches due to individual strengths and weakness of riders and desired improvements.

I agree. A TT and road race might have different requirements. And yes, for multi-lap races the profile of a single lap is not sufficient. You get the idea though…

I listen to the Fascat podcasts and they do talk about plans for specific races such as Crusher or Steamboat. I am sure that TR aspire to be much more global than localised USA races so I do not see how it would be worthwhile to build in specific race plans.
They could maybe expand the plans such as 40K TT to have more variability in them so they could cover specific race types