Winter glove recommendations, suggestions

Looking for recommendations on gloves for temp range 25 to 45F / -4 to 7C.

25 - 40F / -4 - 4C

Purpose: training and group rides outside. I can start sweating at this temps, but hands get cold riding 20mph on flat terrain.

That’s a big range. The gloves I wear at 25F would be way too hot for 45F rides. I actually have 3 different gloves to cover this range.

Also – is this for training outdoors? Or commuting?

@batwood14 edits above, just looking to stop wearing cheap non-cycling Old Navy gloves as outer gloves to stay warm.

Above 0C I wear neoprene castelli gloves. They are good for me to about 8-10C then they get too sweaty. Good in the rain too. Don’t go out below 0C :cold_face:

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We have castellis but I got them some years ago and can’t tell from the website what the equivalent is now. They have the windstopper fabric on the outside and are fleecy on the inside.

Sealskinz makes a phenomenal lobster glove - I LOVE them. I start wearing these when it’s 5C or colder. They are amazing. And then I pop on wool gloves with fingers underneath once I’m out and it’s below -5C.

Just make sure that you don’t order them (or any gloves) too small or skin tight. You want a warm air barrier between the gloves and your skin.

A bit off the wall, but I love my Bar Mitts on my fat bike in winter. You can really handle thin gloves once you keep the wind off.

They also have drop bar versions.

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I would use the Castelli Estremo gloves for your coldest training rides. Nothing beats a good lobster glove for warmth, but they are too much for training…mine get too hot/sweaty at any temperature. I only use them for commuting.

The Castelli’s will take you to the upper 30’s, but they’re going to get warm beyond that. Also, they are too warm for my hands in the high 30’s if it’s sunny. Don’t know if anyone else layers based on sun/no sun as well as temp, but I do.

For high 30’s and into the 40’s I use Kast Steelhead gloves. Super tacky and waterproof - perfect for the 40’s. If I’m starting out really cold and I know it’s going to be warmer later, I will put a thin silk or wool liner glove in the Kast glove and remove layers as necessary later.

I’ve clearly over-thought this issue…but I’m from Chicago, and winter is a full-time occupation here :slight_smile:


People feel the cold differently. I don’t feel the cold as much as other people.

Here’s how I do gloves, with my personal temperature range (adjust the ranges based on your own temperature ranges):

Honestly the glove liners were the best buy, since typically a lot of rides I start out with cold hands but then they warm up. The glove liners give me some protection against the wind and then are easy to pack up and put in my jersey pocket.


For temps from 20-30F, I use a pair of gore windstopper gloves inside an REI shell. There are a few benefits to having this 2 layer system:

  • If it gets too warm, I just take off the shells.
  • if I have to do something requiring dexterity - eg unscrewing a valve and pumping up a tire - it’s nice to be able to take the outer shell off, and leave the inner gloves on. Prevents hands from getting cold, which can be hard to heat back up
  • Dries out easier if get damp/wet by taking the inner gloves out of the shell

Note: I use this combo on my mountain and fat bike. If you’re riding road, at higher speeds, this combo could probably work into the low 40s without getting too hot. And may not be able to down as low as 20F.

Yup. Pogies are a must when it gets cold. Gloves or mittens won’t cut it!

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+1 for neoprene in the wet

I use Shimano Fall/Winter gloves down to -5C and Answer Manitou Sleestck lobster mits -5 to -20C.

Mavic Ksyrium Pro below freezing.

Pearl Izumi Escape Thermal above freezing.

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I’ve been extremely happy with the 45nrth Sturmfist 5 winter glove. Good from 15F to -25 F but have worn it in colder temps with no problems. Warmer temps might be a bit warm but haven’t tried them in really warm conditions.

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Lobster Gloves - either the Gore or Pearl Izumi ones are both great.

Lots of great suggestions. Gloves can be tricky as photos can be misleading how thick they are. I also agree with having a few different gloves to cover different ranges.

One thing I’ll mention is I’ve been really happy with some lightly insulated Gore Windstopper gloves. They regulate extremely well. I’ll find my hands start to heat up but then they rarely get too hot, but rather just stay nice and toasty. I wear them in the 30 - 45 range. Gore has revamped a lot of their products and naming schemes, so I’m not entirely sure which glove in the current line is directly comparable, but Gore products tend to fly under the radar but they are really solid.

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Thanks everyone, think I need to take a trip to REI and Mikes Bikes…

Here is my current “ride at dawn at 28-32F” setup:

  • Bontrager Fusion Gel summer gloves for the padding
  • Pearl Izumi Soft Shell Lite which protect hands in the 50F temp range
  • random pair of outer gloves Old Navy

It works, but the Old Navy gloves are too bulky if it warms up. I’ve been skiing all my life (started in arctic Michigan!) and generally like the layering suggestions but hoping for something warm and breathable. I’ve got this thought that cross-country skiers have it figured out, or biking gloves I haven’t seen in mild Northern California stores.

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+1 for glove liners for extra toasty fingers. I got a really cheap set from Decathlon many years ago.

I just picked up a pair of these in the BF sale. Perfect for quite a wide range of temperatures as they are made of a soft shell material.