New Winspace Lún MEGA

Winspace released a new set of premium wheels:

Some random notes:

  • Hub witch ratchet like DT Swiss hubs
  • All spokes tied together in one piece
  • Deliberate accentuation of comfort while riding
  • Rim width: external 27.6mm / 27.8mm, internal 21mm
  • Presale, ships in June

Since I’m in the market for my deep wheels, they look quite interesting.

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Seems like these are borderliner narrow compared to some wheelsets these days. For example…

  • Roval Rapid CLX II: Front 51mm deep, 35mm ext, 21mm int and Rear 60mm deep, 30.7mm ext, 21mm int

  • Reserve 53/62: Front 53mm deep, 35mm ext, 25mm int and R 62 deep, 34 ext, 24 int

Is the whole “rule of 105” still a thing? Would that limit the Winspace to 25mm if you’re worried about aero? I don’t know but curious :thinking:

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At $2600USD, why not get some Enve, Zipp, or other “name brand” wheels?


This… or have some proper boutique wheels built up.

1300+ grams for a set of $2600 off brand wheels is absurd.



They look like they are meant to be a competitor to the Cadex 50 Ultra but are priced about a grand less

That was the first thing that jumped out to me as well. An internal of 21 is perfectly fine. But with the external being just under 28mm, you are probably stuck running 25mm tires if you want to maximize their aerodynamics. A tire labeled at 28mm is probably going to measure out to 29+mm on them.


The thing with broad external width is that some frames don‘t have the clearance for this. Sadly my beloved road bike has a clearance of 30mm which is just not enough for the Roval Rapides.


Obviously the solution is to get these wheels for your current bike, and another bike with slightly wider wheels. So you can compare them. For science, and stuff. :thinking:


At the moment I stopped buying bike stuff :smiley: (because I don‘t like owning stuff that isn‘t used properly).

Will buy the first pair of deeper wheels when I need new tires too (so in about 3-5k km, probably mid to end season, will see).

But man I‘d love to play around with a sensor/test to optimize CdA.

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Cadex if you can, Light-Bicycle if you can’t. That’s my advice and I love my AR55.


I have a set of DT Swiss wheels, I quite like them and am leaning towards getting a deep carbon set from them. I know how to service the hub.

Not sure yet if the DT Swiss ARC (their „aero“, narrower wheel, used with 25mm) or ERC (newer, broader wheel, works well with 28mm).

With all the small road holes I sometimes hit and long rides I do probably the broader ones.

Wow the Light Bicycle Falcon Pro are super light for the price segment.

Those are really good. Swiss Side’s involvement = good stuff.
I would have gone with DT Swiss hubs but went with Carbon-Ti for the weight savings. The 180s were close but for a lot more money.

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Just beware of shipping times. Hopefully they have improved but it took about 10 weeks for me to get my wheels from order to delivery, and most of that time was spent in transit - literally a slow boat from China.

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I definitely advise ordering well in advance of when you plan on using them. Especially if it’s a custom order.

I wouldn’t call winspace wheels an off brand anymore I think they are established now. The question is do you have a dealer distributor in your area for that kind of money that would be a piece of mind else all the warranty and service stuff could be bothersome.

And for the weight they play in the enve ses 4.5. Space but are 100g. Lighter.

I’d argue the only thing zipp/enve have on winspace is the dealer network for service and warranty and winspace is expanding a lot there.

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I heard that from various people.

I just discovered that Swiss Side is only marketed for the DT Swiss ARC wheels, not the ERC ones. :face_with_monocle: will have to check how the ARC perform with 28mm.

No, they were also involved in the ERC redesign. I remembered the announcement back then.

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Ok thanks. It wasn‘t on the product page of the ERC.

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