Windows Updates - Slow and sticking at 53%

Hi folks, not found a recent link re any update issues, is anyone else having problems with the time it takes the PC App to download and then it gets stuck… i do early morning workouts and twice in last 1-2 weeks I invoked an update thinking it would be fine by the time i got suited up … only to find its stuck at 53%… needed to reload and then wait again… there is no problem with internet or PC … i switched to the Phone app so was able to crack on but was a real pain in the butt and not how i want to start a 630am ride… (which ends up being 7am and unable to get the full planned session done :frowning: )

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It happens to me too, the download speed is very slow compared to what I actually have and I always thought that’s because I’m in Europe and their servers are in the USA.

Also, as you said, sometimes it gets stuck at about halfway and by checking the task manager I can see that it’s not actually downloading anything.

I once tried to download the app again but the download speed is always very low.

However, it’s completely fine to train while it’s downloading an update, I think it even stops while doing a workout.


Its happened to me a few times, I ve just downloaded and installed the update external to the program. The last few updates have downloaded perfectly though within TR.

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It’s no big deal for me, but I also noticed that download speed for the app is very slow. I’m also in Europe. It never got stuck downloading though.

Sorry to hear this! It may be worth checking in with the team to see if there are any settings or troubleshooting steps we can run you through to mitigate those delays: :+1:

happened to me again this week, was able to boot up and watch a youtube video so nothing wrong with the connection or PC, however as you said it allowed me to do the workout which i had not tried before but makes sense as the install is a seperate action (not thinking clear at 630am !)… thanks for the tip off ! :slight_smile:

Happens to me pretty much every update. I I can still do the workouts but if the update is stuck it won’t update my calendar showing the completed workout. Once I shut down the app and restart, the download continues and my workout updates to the calendar.


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Has anyone found a solution for this? I’m trying to update TR on my Windows laptop and I’m having the same problem. :frowning:

I had the same issue using Apple.

I left it over night on 99% but it didn’t complete

Took 4 attempts to complete the download.

As above and requoted below.

I am trying to download the app on windows 10 (edge browser) and it just wont download. The speed it shows is 40kb/s , while my internet speed is 250mb/s (checked on the same browser using internetspeedtest)…any pointers ??

Check in with the team! Sorry for the trouble.