Downloading update always takes ages

Whenever there is an update to the windows app, it seems to take forever to download. Its not uncommon to finish my workout and its still hasnt reached 100%. My internet speed is nothing special - around 20-30m but everything is fine.

Is this the same for everyone, or is there a way to speed it up?

You’ve already answered your own question. A faster pc made almost no difference to me but when I moved from a flat with 10mbs or less to my current place with 80mbs often updates are downloaded before I’ve even finished setting up.

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But i dont think its realistic to expect it to take that long at 20+Mbps - I mean how big is each download?

My gut is that theres maybe a bug, for example i did a 90minute workout today and the update had got all the way to 13%. After completing the survey i closed and restarted the app the update began and took probably around 10minutes to complete

I don’t think its a bug IME its affected by your bandwidth; some programs are good at using a bit of your bandwidth but not all, so you can still watch youtube etc whilst you workout and I think thats what TR does. Whether there’s a setting to control what % of your bandwidth is used maybe can toggle that or might know of some other way to optimise things.

Yeah possibly - I’ll keep an eye on it, I’ve just returned to TR after a bit of a break, I used to have the same issues, but was hoping now after the first initial updates it would be better but doesnt seem like it at the moment.

I think this must be something on the TR side of things with this recent updated (dated 1/29). I never have an issue with download speed, usually by the time I have my HRM on it is done and I just reset the app to load the update. Today it took several minutes, I was curious to see if it was huge/bandwidth hog and nope… It was avg like 4 mb/sec, think spiked to maybe 18 mb/sec. 800 mb/sec service no one else awake yet so only other thing online was netflix already playing. Main router is in the basement where I train, just opposite corner, and a mesh/hotspot was 8ft above my in the living room so very unlikely an issue on my end (or yours).


Just to offer a contrast, I haven’t used TR on my laptop in several weeks. I just opened it and it was updated and rebooted in less than a minute. Running a 2019 MacBook. Download wifi speed test just now showed 400mbps.

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Hey there,

Thanks for the heads up – I’m going to check in with the team on this one so we can investigate what might be going on so we can troubleshoot.

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Alrighty, here are some troubleshooting steps that might help out:

  • Close out of any other apps/programs that might be open on your computer/phone/tablet.

  • Check your device’s settings to ensure you’re not running on power saving mode.

  • Try to move your computer/phone/tablet closer to your Internet router or use an ethernet cable if possible.

  • If those steps don’t help, let’s try having you uninstall the TR app on your computer and reinstall it fresh from here.

Let me know if that helps – if not, we’ll reach out to you via a support ticket. :slight_smile:

Thanks for bumping I forget I ran into the same issue yesterday with another update I think it was about 9 minutes for the update. If it took even a minute any of the previous 100 times it has updated I’d be shocked. Monday and wednesday were the first times I ever had a slow download.

I’ll try to reboot and reinstall, but I Can say from my metrics when I checked the download speed on monday that it was not in power save, was running nothing else in the background, internet speed/connection was fine.