Android and Analytics

Hi everyone,

I’m loving the analytics side of TrainerRoad in the web browser, but I can’t understand why the app doesn’t have the same features as online. Also, in the app if you want look at analysis it just opens it in Chrome.

Are their plans to make this a feature of the app itself? It would be an absolute game changer if you ask me. They could start by making the online version, when opened in Chrome, a web app prorperly save-able as an app in its own right. Much like Wattsboard.

Do TrainerRoad publish a roadmap of what they are looking to achieve? I can’t seem to find one.



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Many thanks for this. Sounds good.

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To say it again: Almost all web features will make it to the apps. Some won’t be a direct 1:1 as they don’t make sense on a small screen, but the goal is to get them all in there.

We’re working on this now.