Windows 10 Ericsson just stopped @ 36mins

Anyone have an issue w/ a workout just freezing partway through?
I backpedaled, perhaps that was the cause?
I’m on a Tacx Flux. Just updated before the workout.
The on-screen instructions said backpedaling could be used if I felt a complete rest was needed.
I’m in ERG mode.

Any help appreciated.

The application froze at about that time for me yesterday (Windows 10, Surface Book 2). Never had this before.

Happened to me last week. The whole computer froze up towards the end of a tough workout. I didn’t backpedal but i had taken a little pause.

I rebooted and remembered from a podcast that the system would remember where I was within a certain timeframe.

I reloaded the workout and it was at the beginning, but by clicking on three dots somewhere I could choose to continue a paused workout.