Will the Humon App still work?

I know Humon went out of business and that their web platform is disabled. Is there a way to get the phone app to still read the sensor SmO2? While you needed their website to calculate things like a threshold test rresults, the actual SmO2 value would display on the phone via WiFi without internet or phone service. But now, I can’t launch the app, since it needs to verify my email and password.

Its frustrating, because I’d like to see the %O2 readings, and I know the phone app is capable of reading them from the sensor… is there something I’m missing, or is there a hack to get to the data? My sensor seems to be working fine- just can’t intercept the data!

I think the only supported way to read data from the Humon going forward is by using the ConnectIQ data fields they released for Garmin devices.