Why should I choose TrainerRoad over Zwift?

I see a large difference between sitting on the couch for hours on end with a game controller in hand and riding a trainer for 1-2 hours with direct fitness as a result. Usage patterns (duration in particular) and impact on the body are distinctly different. I’ve done both, so not casting stones. But its important to recognize key differences beside them being “video games”.

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To further your point, to the extent Zwift is a video game, it is classed as a simulator. And, just as pilots, race car drivers, tank crews, etc use simulators as a cost effective and efficient tool to do real training on, cyclists can train on Zwift. Its a “video game” in the general sense but a highly useful one.


I’d hardly call Zwift a simulator. Aside from pedaling fast with other people, there is no resemblance to an actual group ride/race. There’s no steering/braking, no wind, no need to pick lines through corners, no need to navigate through a pack or defend the wheel you’re on, hill resistance can be turned off, etc. Good motivator and distraction? sure. But not a simulator.


some good points, but there is still a lot of things it simulates. If you had two identical people neither of which had ever ridden a race before but one of them had done lots of zwift racing and the other had done none, then the one who had is going to do a lot better than the other guy.

Sure it’s not as realistic as the kind of simulators pilots of astronauts or whatever would train on, but that still doesn’t mean it isnt a simulator.

Cant wait for this to become available :+1: :+1: :+1:

@Nate_Pearson Liverpool Captain and England player Jordan Henderson is on zwift, you need to be offering him a free tr subscription, I want him to be as physically fit of as possible not dicking about in watopia


Hi Nate, any news on this timeline?
Presume it will be after the mobile release?
Really looking forward to both.

It’s pretty far through but is on hold for mobile launch. After that we should have resources to finish it up.


Trainer road is so much more fun. I find zwift extremely boring.

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Much appreciate the reply and makes total sense. Really looking forward to the mobile launch!! Genuinely excited!!
Also - thought your (collective) call re today’s POD was spot on. Further, I felt your sincerity and emotion on the Things Need To Change video - brave and imo not political and very difficult to disagree with.
Thank you.


Q: Why should I choose TrainerRoad over Zwift?
A: One is a serious training tool while the other is a cheap version of Grand Theft Auto.


But seriously, I’ve used both if your goal is structured training, I’d give TR a thumbs up. If you want to play and race Zwift is cool. I just want to get better and I think TR does a better job of that. There is a stronger support network here on the forums too.

Plus we’re super cool and you get to legit hangout with us ;~)

Hey @Nate_Pearson When is mobile launch coming? Will it have features like skipping, repeating intervals, knowing what is coming up next, switching erg/slope etc…basics like that?


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I’m interested in how many people cite the “reality” of Zwift as a motivator or inspiration to improve their own performance. Having played with RGT on both club TT races and open rides I can understand that. But if I am in a recovery valley I resist the temptation to pursue the avatar/real person ahead of me.

I have no issue with fixing on the blue blocks and keeping low or struggling to get and keep high if and when necessary.

When I’m in The Real World, that temptation is even greater to glide gracefully by someone who evidently didn’t get the memo that it was a race, then get round the corner and grab the oxygen mask to recover.

Dear Julian, I would be also interested in testing TrainerRoad in order to compare…Thanks.


Use the link I shared, @Andy_M.

I have both.

Honestly, I’m on TrainerRoad 3x a week and I rarely hop on Zwift.

I like that TrainerRoad is specifically focused on making you a better cyclist. I’m time crunched and don’t have time to do long 2-3 hour rides every day. 60 to 90 minutes of structured training 2-3 times a week provides a lot of benefit in relatively little time and it’s easier to fit into a busy schedule.

Does it make you faster? Yes! I’ve been seeing new PRs on Strava and had a 12 watt bump in FTP since April.

I do think Zwift will be good over the winter months if I just want to get a ride in and for being social with riding friends, but if you have a specific goal in mind (such as training for a Century Ride or race) TrainerRoad is the better option.

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It all depends on what your goals are. I use both simultaneously with Zwift running at the top of the screen and TR minimized at the bottom of the screen.

From an entertainment standpoint, I initially found myself more visually engaged with Zwift. However, over time I have discovered that has changed. I am now more engaged with the blue blocks in TR. I still run Zwift because I’ve fallen victim to the gaming aspect of it.

For someone not interested in “training” but simply looking for general exercise for health and longevity, Zwift or maybe even Peloton might be more entertaining or engaging. Although with the new group workouts, I can see that changing.

For someone wanting to “train” (i.e. improve their physical performance), TR wins hands down. Sure, Zwift has training plans folks can use, but in my experience, those plans are short sighted, geared to maximize your very short term gains at the expense of longer term benefits. TR plans are no doubt a much stronger choice for those wanting long term results.

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Great service, thanks a lot!

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If you want to get faster, TrainerRoad is your best bet… If you want to follow avatars Zwift should be your choice.

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