Why Pro Cyclists Aren’t Using Saunas – Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast 468

// TOPICS COVERED (00:00) Welcome!
(0:22) Belgian Waffle Ride Utah
(02:04) How to Prepare for bad weather
(08:17) How Hannah Otto decides which bike to train on
(11:49) Recommended heat and sauna training protocol
(20:31) Why using saunas during a training block can make you slower
(30:49) Is poor CO2 tolerance making you slower?
(36:41) How to train CO2 tolerance
(49:31) How to make early season races and hard workouts not as difficult
(01:04:54) How to train for sustained efforts after hard surges

Hmmmm…as I was literally about to pull the trigger on a portable in-home sauna for Unbound prep, I’m gonna have to listen to this episode first, I guess…

Good timing!

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VO2 Workouts, how to experience the full spectrum of human emotions and experience in three seconds, with an addition 2m 57s to contemplate what that just was… :rofl:

Done correctly they hurt so much.
When I head out to the garage my wife says “Have fun!” but my response is “No, not today. Today is for pain and sadness.”