Why no over/under workouts in polarized programs?

I’m a week into Pol base high volume and will be following it up with Pol build high volume. Most of the intense workouts involve spending increasing amounts of time at, just below or just above ftp but never in the same interval. I particularly like over/unders which are also considered to be very productive. Is there any reason why they don’t feature in the Polarized programs?

That’s a good question and I don’t know the answer. Maybe @Jonathan can answer.

If I were to add it in I’d swap the threshold sessions for a similar length O/U session and follow a similar progression.

You should definitely swap in some over/under workouts, then.

But there is nothing special about over/under workouts vs threshold or supra-threshold intervals. You’re not going to get some special training adaptation from an over/under workout. Over/under is just another way to break up the monotony.


True that! I remember listening to something about this on Kolie’s podcast, I think…
When doing the polarizated plan I didn’t miss the over unders as those were probably the efforts I had the most difficulty with.

Because TR said when the Pol plans were rolled out that they were sticking strictly to the definition of Pol plans. So my guess is that over unders aren’t part of what is considered a textbook Pol plan