Why my trainer is making so much noise tr vs rouvy egr vs none

Hello, why my trainer is making so much noise when I’m using tr with erg versius rouvy and no erg mode?

I’m using a saris m2 but last year I was using a kinetic road machine smart and I had the same issue.

With Rouvy the trainer is quiet. Kids can listen to a movie in the room next to me. But with trainerroad. I can’t train because of the noise.

Your help is appreciated. Thanks

What exact gearing (front chainring and position on rear cassette) are you using in each situation.

Most trainer noise is directly related to trainer speed:

  • Small Ring = Quieter
  • Large Ring = Louder
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Ohhh good to know. I’m on the big ring with 4th cogs (using sram axs) to keep the chain align. Let me try on the smaller. Thanks for your input!!

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