Why I most likely won't use TR throughout the year

Whatever works for you?
If you want to get faster though, I think you’d find that getting even just a core set of low volume workouts in during the week and still doing your long rides would be more beneficial for your training.

Best of luck in 2020!


I learned the hard way, if I want to continue my improvement then TR is mandatory to make it happen. I’m weird I guess because I prioritize my TR workouts first over outdoor rides. I love my outdoor rides, but they are more about keeping my mtb skills in check. I simply don’t get the same workouts outdoor as I do indoors with TR. TR outdoor workouts are pretty good but not as good as indoor for me. Bottom line is I need something structured to keep me pushing. I just don’t push the same outdoors. I still do outdoor rides for added volume and races.

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Nothing stopping you from doing 1 hour of intervals in hour 2 of a 3 hour ride. In fact that is what many of the pros do. They’re riding outside lots, but with some good structure thrown in early, and finish out the ride doing aerobic endurance stuff. The pre-fatigue you get from doing the intervals will make the endurance section after that much more effective. Now I have yet to try this on a device though, so I’m not sure how that will work out, but even then, you don’t need devices to do a workout that has the same spirit of the planned workout.

I’m also of the opinion that while interval sessions might be better inside, learning how to do that kind of power in variable terrain is a very important skill.


I live in Germany and there’s an important distinction: races in the States are crit races in most cases while here in Germany even serious hobby races are at least twice as long. So mostly relying on indoor training is a recipe to fail.

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This is my plan. Last year, I let trainerroad sidetrack me from being outside quite often. While maybe this is the best for getting faster…being fast isnt exactly the point/goal of riding.

So once it gets nice, I’ll plan on getting 3 structured, hour-ish long workouts in on the trainer before work, and not let get training impact my motivation to ride outside.

Sorry, you’re wrong. To condition yourself for a much longer race (my A race is 2.5 hours) you can still do 5 indoor rides and add a weekend ride that’s 2.5-3 hours. You don’t train 3 hours HARD for a 3 hours race. Races aren’t run that way unless attacking from get go and stay in breakaway till the end is your goal. Which is what? 1% of people who can do that? Majority of races are shorter hard efforts mixed with very long endurance / tempo stretches in between.

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TR tagline is LITERALLY “Get Faster”
If “being fast isnt exactly the point/goal of riding.” for sure you don’t need trainer rides. Just do what you love.


Getting faster is the point behind Trainerroad. It is not the point of riding a bike. At least for myself. And, I would argue, for most people who really analyzed their wants/motivations, etc.

The ‘point,’ of riding a bike, if there is one to be had, for most people would be something along the lines of ‘competition, get fit, fun, the challenge, comradery, adventure, sense of achievement.’

I would say that ‘getting faster’ is simply one of many tools people utilize to further their real motivations for riding.

I’m not disagreeing you at all. I just find it weird to come on a forum that belongs to a brand with a tagline “GET FASTER” and say the point is not to get faster so I don’t wanna use TR throughout the year.

Yes. There are hundreds of thousands of people out there who don’t ride TR throughout the year and their goal is not to get faster. They don’t come here and post about it :rofl:


What’s your ftp?


Haven’t done a Ramp Test in a while… when last checked… 222!

Power to Weight Ratio 2.87-ish depending of time of year!

The way I see it, I’m a Club Rider… not a Racer…

I just need to beat the ex racers in the club… which I do (for the most part)… to the Parking Lot! :wink:

Not a Weight Weenie either…

I’m more about Aero these days!


Thanks to intervals.icu

FTP : 238
Power to Weight : 3.05

I’m in Czech Republic and we have mostly long races (100km+) and I train with 60-90 minute workouts on TR and find they work great for my ability to do long races well. Like many have suggested, during the work week I do intensity indoors and if time and weather allow, I’ll go outside for 75+km rides outside.

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Here in my region the races or fondos are around 200k and in the alps. The mid volume plans are not enough for me, but if you enhance them with long weekend rides, you should be fine.
When it is clear, that the event-duration is long, TR does implement long z2 workouts (long distance triathlon plans).
So if it’s not just a 100k ride or a 200k flat, you definitely should do longer rides (not only because of the duration, but for the volume overall).