Why FTP is King, New Bicarbonate Study, Apple Cider Vinegar, and More – Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast 473

I’m surprised they haven’t renamed it yet to the discussing Keegan Swenson podcast.

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It’s certainly an interesting potential impact of ACV, but it seems taking ACV in close proximity to training isn’t what has been suggested by the research so far, so, assuming that effect is indeed what happens, perhaps that effect is only temporary or doesn’t affect training?

You probably won’t want to listen to next week’s episode then. :slight_smile:


I am curious to know if (for those who can handle bicarb w/o GI issues) there is any advantage in using the Maurten product over the much cheaper traditional baking soda.

They discussed on the podcast that maurtens product was not tested for actual performance enhancement. So that is unknown for now.

Interesting study on vinegar and cycling despite the lack of a statistically significant result. Shows longer TTE and potential for faster glycogen replenishment.

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So what’s your dentist recommended way of taking ACV, if one really wanted?

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