Why don't Pros drink Carb-Mix all the time?

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When in a race - Pro Riders switch between ISO-Mix and Carb-Mix bottles - why?
Don’t they want to take as much carbs in as possible? :thinking:

Why I am asking: I am planning my nutrition for a long race (220km/3.800m elevation) and i am wondering if i should or shouldn’t put carb-mix in every bottle I will consume - or better not.
(Of course I will consume other (solid) sources of carborhydrates)

Thanks in advance! :slightly_smiling_face:

What if you think you’re getting dehydrated, but you’ve already taken in as many carbs as your gut can handle?

That’s why, I guess.

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Sometimes you just need clean water. If I’m going out for more than 3-4 hours I make sure to have a bottle of plain water.

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Maybe they are, how many carbs do they have in a bottle? Maybe they are still absorbing the carbs in the last bottle when they switch?

Because they use variety of carbs - especially gels. And gels need water (and a lot of water) to improve osmolality, gastric emptying and absorption. Without that we would have Dumoulin’s situation all the time during and after the race.