Why don’t roadies wear sleeveless jerseys?

It’s fun when certain threads resurface. Keep this one rolling!

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Tricep hair

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Is it about comfort?

Maybe it’s a triathlon thing.

Showing a chiseled physique for the ladies?

Maximum freedom getting radical ferda?

I say cycling isn’t formal enough anymore.



Having a number of skin cancers whacked from my arms in the last couple of years, I don’t venture out without arm covers to the wrist.

I hope things are good now and its just a precaution. During my chemo last year everything was covered for me too. I got some nice funny comments when it was near 40deg :joy:

I raced and trained in Central California for many years, always used sunblock on my arms and face, never my legs. I have had several cancers removed from my face and arms, nothing on my legs. Go figure. Currently stay covered up as a precaution. I’m planning a cross country trip next summer, so I’ll be using a combination of covers and sunblock.

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wow I can’t even tell if those pictures are parodies or were actual ads. Just amazing :rofl:

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trying! one day at a time… LOL