Why does TR think my training stress is so high?

Came back to TR after ~8 months off. Did mid volume plan for a 50k MTB race June 2 (giving me 6 weeks to train). I did very little cycling over the winter but came in with a decent fitness level (I think) from lots of uphill skiing and snowshoeing. About day 10 of the program I was at the 50k course so I rode it twice in one weekend - one day moderate, one day easy. I felt fine. Since then TR has had me in the yellow/red no matter what I seem to do. While riding my HR is appropriate, I feel fine but TR seems to just want me on the couch. On the few days that TR suggests an adaptation to drop from a 3 or 4.X ride to a 1.X ride of half the time I will skip it and then if I chose “train now” workout it will suggest one of the intensity it just told me was too high… Perhaps TR is correct and I’m digging a hole that will show up on race day BUT I feel like 45 minute endurance rides at 95W are not going to get me ready for my race…

Think about it from a data perspective… you’ve not fed it much for ages and then come in hot. None of that skiing or snowshoeing will be part of what TR can see to make the RLGL assessment.

I would either ignore until it catches up and or under account settings, dial up your training approach.


Thanks! I didn’t even know that was there. I’ll try that.


I think @spinnnout nailed it for ya – sounds like you just need to feed Adaptive Training some more data.

If you’re capable of doing 3.X-4.X level workouts right now, once you complete them, your Progression Levels will update accordingly, and you’ll start to get workout recommendations based on those new levels.

As you train and gain fitness on the bike, you’ll probably start to see fewer yellow/red days on your TR Calendar as well. Adjusting your Training Approach slider might help with this too.

Keep in mind that RLGL is comparing your current stress from bike/run workouts to what you were doing previously, so if you didn’t have many rides/runs on your TR Calendar for a while, it will look like you’re ramping things up suddenly to Adaptive Training. Sounds like you have some good fitness from uphill skiing and snowshoeing, so things should start to stabilize for you as you get deeper into your plan.

Hope that helps clear things up! Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions.

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Hope so! I sort of realized that was happening - which was why I just did the “suggest a workout” option a lot since it seemed to not be as concerned with my well being :slight_smile: I adjusted it before an endurance workout today (it was a rest day prior to changing the training approach setting) and I didn’t get a red or a suggested day off tomorrow :slight_smile:

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I don’t know if you have a PM on your MTB (or other bikes), but if your TR FTP is set too low it would also contribute to TR thinking your absolutely killing yourself when you’re actually not. IME AI FTP is somewhat throttled in how much of a bump it’ll give you, so even if you’ve done AI detect it might be substantially underestimating. Doing a ramp test could be an option to get a more realistic estimate, or just guess based on how your feel.