Why does the TR software bomb out 2 seconds before the end of an interval?

I get all the reasons why it doesn’t matter, training wise.
I’d still prefer it if the software held the resistance until the final beep. I’ve done plenty of other sports/training where you have to keep going until the third beep. The first beep is normally the signal to totally drain the tank in the final moments.
Simply put, it’s what I’m used to and I find it odd to know you get to back off a couple seconds out.

Blind intervals. I like the concept.
Slightly off topic, but I do love doing pad work which follows a similar layout. I typically do alternating 3 minute rounds with a friend and constantly pick random combinations. As soon as they get comfy you slip in a cheeky jab and change up the combo. Ten seconds out you get a loud beep and it’s time to give everything you’ve got left. The last three seconds get beeps like on TR. Once that starts you simply hang on.

It could be a really interesting way to train on the bike. Not necessarily totally blind. Even a 2 second warning would keep you on your toes.

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That is exactly what I see - Kickr 2018.
That is why I stated 3 seconds

Thanks for all the replies.

It sounds like everyone notices it. It would be awesome if the software didn’t bomb out early on the intervals.

I realize TR has a lot on the go, but why hasn’t this bug been fixed?

All of my intervals start exactly two seconds before they’re supposed to and then accordingly they end two seconds early.

I’m using a Tacx Neo 2T and there’s no need for ramp up. Literally the second the interval starts (two seconds early) in ERG there’s instantaneous resistance.

Given that all of the intervals are still the correct length, this isn’t the most important issue in the world, but it is annoying.

This behaviour is improved for the Neo2T in the current Beta versions of the app (for iOS and Android). The 2s offset has mostly gone.

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I’ll need to dig up the link to the last thread about this. Nate was kind enough to chime in.

Found it.

I have to say that I still don’t understand why it isn’t simply set to apply resistance on time. If you’re trainer is slow to react, then so be it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Excellent, hopefully that holds in the final release when it comes out.

Ah maaaaan because THEN if it was even if the trainer was ONE second late to adjust after the interval started, we would be accosted about how the interval data isn’t accurate as a result. I think you’re definitely in the minority group of athletes that would be this degree of chill and just say ‘so be it’ HAHA.

That trainer delay is unfortunately unavoidable, so this is TrainerRoad just trying to mitigate that loss in how the trainers behave to make sure the effort, interval, and data itself is as accurate as possible. :+1:


Why does TR say “2 years later” when it’s not even December 2020 yet? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

LOL I have no idea, that’s our Fourm Host ‘Discourse’, not a TR thing. :woman_shrugging:

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1.75 years later…


Feel free to ignore me Ivy. It’s hot and humid today in Brisbane. And I woke up in a silly mood.

Haha no way! I’m here for it. :relaxed: :v:

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