Using ERG on vo2 max intervals

I’m doing Taylor-2 later today which has 3 sets of 14 vo2 max repeats, each lasting 30 seconds with a 30 second rest in between.

Does anyone with a kickr do this in ERG? I just remember on short intervals the kickr takes a little bit to react and then at the end of the interval to get back down again down.


I did this exact workout last week on a kickr with no issues. 30s is long enough for the resistance to build and quality to still be there - it’s the 10s stuff that doesn’t feel like you get 100% effort/benefit for the burst. Remember that if you plan to increase your cadence for the efforts to be at this cadence with (at least) 5s to go before the interval starts then just keep pedalling through.


Yup agree. 30 secs should be plenty of time for the kickr to react


I did Taylor -2 on a Kickr Core last week in erg. No issues. Just keep pedaling :slight_smile:

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Like the others, I also did this workout on my Kickr ‘17 this morning and didn’t notice any issues. I use PowerMatch with a Quarq and think my avg reported power for each interval was within a few percent of the target so assume the reaction was pretty good.

I recall TR noting they test most of the popular smart trainers and build in code to control each optimally (I.s. Possibly commanding the new power setting a second or two early if they know the reaction is slow).

+1 on the Kickr Core working with 30/30’s.
The above point about cadence also.

A stable connection with the trainer is also a big help. Ant+ has been problematic in the past IME.

Pretty sure it’s the same command timing for all trainers. It’s the trainers that respond differently.

Exactly. So TR programs the command to fire at slightly different times if they know the trainer model to keep the experience the same

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I don’t think TR changes the timing based on the trainer model. Unless they’ve added it as an update recently?

They mentioned it on the podcast.

I assume most people would never know as they probably only have one trainer. Whereas I’m sure all the TR employee feel annoyed when they switch trainer models for testing and they were driven mad and had to fix it.

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Was it one of the more recent podcasts? I’m a little behind in that regard.

I’ve used a few different trainers and it always fires 2 seconds before the interval starts.

Really? 2 seconds before? That sounds odd to me. Mine (kickr 17) takes like one-quarter to a half a second to kick into the next wattage level.

I’d be kinda put off if the timer was 2 seconds off.

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How does TR time the commands to Erg trainers?
Does TR use different timing based on the model of trainer used?
Is it a two second early command?

Just 2 seconds early for all models but @Pete is going to tune it for each model.


I really hate when I forget that the interval starts 2 seconds early and it just goes “oumph”. :joy:

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Thanks for the guidance, all absolutely correct, the intervals were fine on the kickr. With the really short intervals, do you guys still Leave it in erg?

Leave it erg, start ramping up when you hear the 3s countdown