Why do I like my Kickr at 650cc instead of 700c?

For some reason, having my Kickr '18 model setup in the 650cc wheel adjustement feels better than in the 700cc setting. Yet, I have 700cc wheels on my bike.

Does anyone else do this?

For me, it feels more level. In the 700cc slot it feels like I have too much drop and i’m sliding forward a bit — more weight on my wrists, saddle feels like it’s pointed down (yet, saddle is level with wheels on). Whereas on the road, it feels just fine on 700cc wheels and I don’t notice it at all.

Frame size is 52cm, so maybe it just feels better because possible the 700cc adjustment on the kickr was designed for more common frame sizes (54-58)?

Think there is anything wrong with keeping it in 650cc in terms of peddle stroke, stress on frame, knees, etc?

This quote comes from my Rocker Plate thread.

Using the smaller wheel setting on the Kickr achieves the same effect. The higher front end, compared to the dropped rear axle, that feels better for most because it reduces loading on the hands.


My wonky logic tells me this should be related to the missing tyre size/pressure on the back rather than bike frame size. Although with the rise of large volume tyres I would think the slope would be the other way. To get it bang on, the trainer manufacturer needs to specify the radius from axle to contact point on the front no ?