Uneven rock on trainer

I have a BMC Teammachine SLR02 set up on a Wahoo KICKR Core (whatever model was the retail version in 2019, the most current one?). When I set my bike up, everything is perfectly level (checked with a level) but when I ride I always feel like it slight tilts/leans to my right. I’ve used the level while sitting on it too to verify it doesn’t shift when weight is put on. I’ve noticed it seems like the front of my bike will wiggle/rock more to the right side than left. FWIW, the BMC is also an asymmetrical frame.

Is this rocking bit normal? I’ve been riding it indoors for going on 2 years now and my bike hasn’t had any damage yet so :man_shrugging:

May be a pedaling issue. I have a pretty significant leg length discrepancy (.25"-.5") and I definitely notice some rocking if I get sloppy with technique or am trying to hit a high cadence. Always to the left, that’s my long side. I’ve never noticed it on the road or trail though, just the trainer.

Would be great to see some videos from front and rear angles. Hard to know much from just the descriptions.

Mine should be good as I adjust my hips prior and do essentially 50/50 power on rides.

I’ll have to remember to video tomorrow. For all I know maybe i innately put more upper body weight on one side but it’s the weirdest thing

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Same trainer with rocker plate and I feel like I am over to the left. My daughter uses the rocker with her bike and does not notice it. Maybe it is a pedalling thing.

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Hardly anyone actually sits perfectly square on a bike. I have a 2017 Kickr and have actually dialed in a bit of side to side rocking with the feet.

Interesting. I had similar feeling with a kickr snap and now occasionally with my saris h3. I wondered if my arms are different lengths and I push the bars away differently. I still haven’t perfected a method of levelling the bike either though

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