Feeling lop-sided

Kicker 2014
Aluminium frame, bike rides fine.

When on the turbo I feel like I am leaning to one side. I have a spirit level on the kickr. All good

When the bike is on the kickr saddle in level ( left to right)

On the handle bars across the handlebar/stem bolts again level against spirit level and the floor is level too

Any thoughts ideas I am beginning to think it’s me and I am out of alignment?

What surface is the Kickr On? I have a home built rocker plate, and find that the balance with me on the bike is different than the bike and trainer. I’m not that heavy either, 71 kg.

wood with a rubber mat over it

I’ve always had the same feeling and thought it was just me. I just got used to it.

I think it has something to do with my body weight balance. My wife once described my ass as two basketballs. She didn’t mention if one was larger than the other, but I suspect she just didn’t want to hurt my feelings.

but i have hip pain now :frowning:

Most people are out of alignment. When I ride behind people in my club, almost everybody sits to the right or left of center. Some riders are off center to a large degree.

My sit bones don’t sit squarely on a saddle. I used to notice it right at the start of a ride and then I’d forget about it after a couple of miles. Finally, I switched to an SQLabs saddle to compensate.

Just for a laugh, this happened to me for a few months. Tried and readjusted everything as the pain was so bad in my knees, hips.

Turns out the dropouts weren’t connected to the kickr properly by a good inch. Idiot :flushed:

pretty sure i checked that but i will have another look


Maybe one testicle is heavier than the other. You can get a stirrup to consolidate the weight into an even position…

no fear there… they are safely in my wifes handbag