Why do I have headache after a gym session?

Every time after a gym session, I have a severe headache the next day. I feel great after the session, my mind is great, vision feels sharp and everything is bright, but the next day is like a hangover. In the gym I certainly do squats, but I also do light exercises for upper body and have a 15-20 minutes sauna afterwards. Sometimes it almost OK, sometimes it’s so bad it’s hard to concentrate. Do you have experience? Is there a way to fix it?

Could it be food and / or hydration related?

Maybe dehydration caused by this? Try having a session without a sauna. Or just drinking extra (with electrolytes).

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More like over heating.
I like your angle. It’s just that in my experience hydration claps out once core temps get too high.

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Yes, I should probably stop visiting sauna after heavy lifting. I drink water during exercises and then drink plenty of water when I come back home. While overheated drinking water is actually NOT recommended. But I like sauna because it helps with relaxation and muscle soreness.

Maybe you’re losing too much salt? Could try using an electrolyte drink instead of just water.


+1. Hyponatremia can cause headaches.

What time of day do you go to the gym? Is it in the afternoon or evening? Do you have any meal afterwards? Any alcohol with dinner? I’d agree that it’s probably hydration and/or electrolyte related – at least in part.

Last Friday I had an hour of sleep when I came back home from the gym and had very little headache the next day. It started, but then went away.

I think I was able to fix my headache problem using Ginkgo supplement. I was taking this for a month and after a week I stopped having headaches.

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Another likely possibility which has given me trouble is that lifting makes your neck and back muscles tight and sore which can lead to tension headaches. Try doing a lot of stretching. If you rule out tension headaches, hydration, and diet as potential causes you should really consult a doctor.

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I also stopped drinking coffee. I used to drink a lot of strong coffee. This caused headaches in the past, but I thought I used to it. I think this was the root cause. Now I only drink coffee before a race, which in theory should benefit even better.

I’d go with hydration and salt too.