Always headaches during running

I thought I would give it a shot and ask you guys if you experienced something similar and found a solution :partying_face:

Since I am a kid I have these headaches after/during sport. I get them easily when it’s hot and I overstrain and they do not stop after the effort. As a kid often and as an adult sometimes after football or something I even threw up :face_vomiting:

I think it is not drinking since I get them during racing downhill in the summer too and there I focused a few times on drinking enough and regulary.

I always thought its overstraining but now when I do the base runs in the heat I even get them with 130bpm during the run. This really is annoying because I do not feel fatigue or something and still get them.

I can not really breath through my nose and was wondering if this can cause anything like this or you guys have any other ideas I could try?

Do you sweat a lot? Maybe you aren’t replacing the electrolytes lost through sweating. I found I would get banging headaches after long cycle rides just drinking plain water. Since I’ve been using electrolyte tablets in my water the problem has largely gone away. Could be something similar for your runs?

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No actually it’s the opposite I sweat very little. Therefore I sometimes use water to make my head and t-shirt wet.

Glad you found the solution for yours

I am basically your opposite. I deal with Daily Persistent Headaches and migraines. Every day I have a consistent low level headache and it’s just a matter of to what intensity it will fluctuate or if it will turn into a full blown migraine. However, during exercise it goes away completely and doesn’t return until about an hour afterwards.

I attribute this to extra blood flow, adrenaline and/or a strong distraction. I’d recommend keeping a journal of what you eat, drink and do before each workout. Then start manipulating hydration, foods, temperatures and any other variable to see if you can get your headache to decrease or increase. I mean go to extremes like taking twice the recommended electrolytes, water, carbohydrates, etc.

Does your headache ALWAYS appear or only at certain intensities? How about the level of your headache (1-10), is that always consistent? Again, journal everything and look for a pattern. It will be up to you to manage your headaches as your likely not going to find success from a doc unless there is a glaring issue (ie: there is a spike sticking out of your head). I’ve been down a 10+ year journey of trying to get down to the cause of my issues.

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Thank you very much for sharing!

I will try it :slight_smile:

Now during the heat I get it also on low intensity while running. But on the bike with good cooling I do not experience this :thinking:

Still hoping to find someone with the same issues

From your description it’s possible there’s a postural influence from how you run. Headaches that have a mechanical influence can originate from the upper neck/ base of scalp and come up the back of your head to the top and progress forward settling into your forehead progressively. There can also be a one sided factor, like left greater than right. Do you run with your head leading or chin put forward? Given that your headaches predictably occur with running lends itself to at least some mechanical influence if you are otherwise healthy.


It could be the impact of running that causes the headaches. I used to get headaches after running (when I still ran; don’t anymore); and I get headaches if I ride on rough washboarded gravel; but tend not to get headaches on the road, or on MTB rides where suspension absorbs the hits.

Maybe play around with running shoes/running of softer surfaces, and see if there’s any change?

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that is an interesting approach nether though about that :thinking: I will focus on my running

I experienced neck pain on the right side a few times when I got headaches

sometimes I look down but most of the time I try to keep my chin level with the ground and look straight foreward.