Who’s in the sick house?

I’ve had similar. Started with a sore throat and muscle aches a week ago. On Thursday my right ear became blocked (and still is) and my body fired up my ear temps, I assume to melt everything in there so I’ve spent the last few nights with “sweaty” ears. My cough is retreating a bit, the muscle aches have mainly gone but I am tired - I did a 3hr Z2/Z1 easy yesterday in the sun and it wiped me out, backed up by Garmin body battery at 5 yesterday and 12 today.

I’m so annoyed - I’ve had solid training with good fitness gains from Jan 1 and have my second regional XC in 2 weeks so I’ve missed some good hard sessions I need for that. This comes after me being sick with viral non covid flu like from October to mid December - its very frustrating.

I could describe what I had with exactly the same words, after 9 days I did a Covid test, it was Covid.

I’ve got a 4 year old in preschool and have been sick at least half the time since November. In the past month, I had a cold, got over it, then immediately got norovirus that kicked my ass and left me with intense fatigue for over a week after. Finally starting to feel human again, but just barely, and with my first gravel events coming up: Muddy Onion on the 22nd, then Rasputitsa on the 29th. We’ve got some unseasonably beautiful weather for the next week, so I should be able to get in some good outside rides, at least.

And Garmin’s HRV scores do seem to track pretty well. I’ve been finding it pretty helpful to keep an eye on HRV, Training Readiness, and Body Battery, as the three combined actually seem to do a pretty good of predicting when I’m about to sick.


My first two are teenagers now, I never got sick through them that I knew of when they were in their early years.

I did a test at the start and it was negative but heeding your words did another this afternoon - also negative :person_shrugging:t2:

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I would expect you would be negative by now, it probably wasn’t Covid then by the sound of it. I was convinced my wasnt until my wife tested positive, that is the only reason I tested, I had been ill for 9 days and thought it was just a bad virus, plenty around.

Its hit me hard even though 4 vaccines. 2 plus two boosters.

Hope you are well on the way to recovery.

I’m on a GRTP (return to play) Covid protocol, was going okay but today was a step back / holding pattern on the progression. Getting there though.

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Our house is in the sick house again (including me) as of yesterday which would be 20 days since my last post. Lol….

Training as a parent is sometimes just a big joke. I’m deleting my whole plan for now and just using TrainNow for a while.


I feel you. We all did remarkably well this fall and winter after a horrendous 2021/2022 holiday season. This year I lifted weights and did TrainNow, waiting for the succession of illnesses that never hit, only a mild flu for my wife around Christmas. I signed up for a summer race in late February, loaded up a plan in early March when the weather started getting warmer, thinking we were out of respiratory virus season and I could maybe string some fitness together… and haven’t been healthy since.

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Lol… yeah. So frustrating

Well. We made it a month. Back in the sick house again. I was patient #1 this time for a change. Ugh.


Made it a month without getting sick! I’m a couple days in on antibiotics for mild pneumonia, hopefully back on the bike in a few more days?

Anyone else seeing this nasty cold going around? Very sharp, sore throat the first few days, then it settles deep into the chest and doesn’t leave. I know two other parents locally who ended it up with pneumonia from it, too.


Confirm that it’s in the Seattle area. That’s exactly what hit me. After a week, I’m in the long tail of tired body and clearing phlegm.


I didn’t get the sore throat but developed chest congestion that turned into a cough. Cough isn’t too bad but it’s persisted for about a week now. Kind of dry hacking cough. No nose congestion though. Kind of a strange cold for me since I usually get nasal congestion and fatigue etc. Negative for COVID. I don’t think it’s turned into pneumonia but I’ve been resting as much as possible and trying to let myself heal. Ready to be done with this crud and get back to normal.

Sister in law arrived unexpectedly for the weekend. More unexpected was that she fell ill immediately. Now my throat is starting to feel unusually dry…5 weeks to race day :cry:. Sneezed after posting that…!



I can either annotate my week as sick and let TR adapt or swap next weeks recovery week in. I would normally just annotate and rest but getting nervous about race day. I need them long ride and runs right now.

So, my last half year ( i have a kindergarten kid and a day-care kid or whatever you call it)
The little one is constantly sick, and since november:
1 week sick november
3 days + 3 days december
january and february okay
march 5 day sick
april 2 x 2 days sick with stomach, followed by 1 week of a cold
Now, i am sick again, my A event is in one week. this is brutal, its like my whole system is takin all in

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Sick enough to want to post and complain about it! I had an ill-timed two day work trip to the east coast from Colorado last week, getting in super late Tuesday night and getting a whole four hours of sleep, and then on Thursday night I only got three hours of sleep as I had a 6am flight with two connections to get back home. I felt like I was getting sick (dry mouth, sore gums, sneezing) but made it through my A event on Saturday (50 miles, 5800 ft of climbing over two 10k-ft mountain passes) without major struggle (yay for the hay being in the barn).

The next day my entire body totally shut down into a coughing / sneezing / sore throat mess. Tested negative for COVID but feels like that nasty cold described above, and actually feels worse than when I got COVID in February. I’m glad I’m going into recovery time with no real plans but holy moly do I feel frail and weak right now and I hate it.

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Gastroenitis or whatever it’s called. Stomach flu. Absolutely one of the worst weeks I have had last week. Absolutely wrecked me. Did a commute this morning and felt like I was cycling through sand. Hopefully it’ll rebuild quickly enough

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It’s so hard. My HR takes weeks to recover from gastro stuff. It’s usually from the dehydration/loss in blood plasma when you excrete it from whichever end it decides to torture you with. It will come back - but will take a few days/weeks to rebound depending on how bad the illness was.

Timely thread.

Went on vacation for a week, so no riding. Came back and did a couple of outdoor rides last Friday and Saturday. On Sunday morning, I had the dreaded feeling in the back of my throat indicating I was getting sick. Ended up being a mild common cold and I’m recovering, but it’s another week off the bike. Fortunately I’m due to start a new plan so I’ll take the FTP adjustment as needed.

Not sure where I got it from, but on my Saturday ride there was not one but two riders who blew snot rockets in front of me. Probably wasn’t them but I’ll never let it go.