Who on here is our importer for supersapiens?

so we can “beta test” it.


Bobby julich is your man

shipped to merica?

he lives in Greenville SC, I dont have contact info, but his info is on the web

i did reach out. but this is not a thing. in case anyone else is wondering.

An important point regarding Supersapiens to consider from an American user (periodically) living in Europe.

Last I checked, and I just checked again as I write this, the Supersapiens app is not available in the US iPhone app store because they can’t sell the device in the US. (I suspect it’s an FDA thing as it’s a medical device, but…) So, even if you got a sensor or three, you’ll need a non-US app store account, which requires opening an account with a non-US credit card and a different email address (the latter is easy, the former is not if you’re living in the US).

So while you’ll be able to acquire a sensor, you won’t be able to use it. I do not know if the same restriction applies to Android users and the Google Play Store.

According to this Outside article, they may roll out next year?? Still waiting on FDA.
“Supersapiens ended up launching in Europe last fall, but remains unavailable in the United States. Thanks in part to COVID-related delays at the Food and Drug Administration, it probably won’t be approved until next year.”