Who else is excited for GCN+?

Yes ipad or iphone 13 pro max is the way I watch it and my vpn works well also this way. On stage 7 of the tour and so good


i find the ios interface to be quite good. you can scrub ahead or behind and it shows the preview window so you know where you’re going. also has 10/15 seconds skip ahead/behind. the android app (specifically the one for android tv / shield) has exactly none of this

Anyone know of a method to download race replays? I recently moved and don’t have access to unlimited internet at home, but could download at my parents place.

Surfshark is back to working for me. I was able to watch all of the end of season races with it.

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For those who use GCN+ on AppleTV: is there a VPN I can run natively on AppleTV so I can watch geolocked races?

I use ExpressVPN and while it’s easy to Airplay from an iPhone or iPad running the VPN I would like to skip that step somehow.

I don’t have AppleTV, but a quick google showed that Express has some instructions on how to do it on their website. Otherwise you will need to set it up on your router.

Anyone else having trouble today accessing racing through a VPN? If I turn off my VPN I have no issues. With it on…it won’t load any pages.

Just checked and I have no issues…all races visible, including those that require me to use a VPN to access.

Which VPN are you using?

I just subscribed and have been enjoying it. I’m in the US using a Google Chromecast w/ Google TV and it was super easy to get the UK with NordVPN (which I already use). Just install the NordVPN app, connect it to your account (super easy, it’s just an authentication code you verify through your mobile device), and set it to the UK. Then switch to the GCN+ or any other app, and it sees you in your chosen region. About as simple as it gets, and it works without a hiccup.


Problem solved. Sort of. Couldn’t get anything to work through the UK or France but had it work through Spain. Using NordVPN.

Never had an issue like that before though.

Interesting…when I checked, I connected in the UK through NordVPN.

Really?! That’s good news. When I tried that last year it wouldn’t work. If that works for you it is definitely your best bet. Otherwise you would need to install the VPN on your router, as Apple TV doesn’t support or allow VPN apps.

Yeah, at some point in the last 6 months or so, that issue was resolved. You can now use Airplay w/ GCN even if you are using a VPN.

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Same experience here. What doesn’t work is trying to cast to a chromecast when using a VPN.

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On another note, WHERE THE HELL IS MY ROKU APP!?!


Yeah, honestly it works very well. The only pain is if I get a call or I am browsing on the same device and a video autoplays then that will cut the video.

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I had this issue recently. Changing my location from Germany to Romania fixed it.

My GCN+ IOS (iPhone) App suddenly started working a picture-in-picture (doing Townsend-1 watching Gent-Wevelgem) when swapping across to TR.
Pretty sure this didn’t happen on Saturday with a similar session (Whorl) watching E3.

They added it to the Android app at some point too :+1: