Who else is being bad today and training on a RED DAY (and what is your feeble excuse)

Normally I don’t do TR workouts on red days, but I went out for 30 miles on Monday and Tuesday at INIGO! SAN! MILAN! ZONE! 2! (aka low tempo :unamused: ) and still felt pretty good, today. I’m coming off of several weeks of post-viral autoimmune flareups (lots of weakness and leg cramps) so I’ll be good god damned if I’m not going to take advantage of this.

So, I did a little worship at the church of Petit +1, today, and feel absolutely fine. That’s my go-to workout that I know I can complete at pretty much any point, even in a full on flareup. I remember when Coach Chad (a moment of silence) was coming back after a long period of not-being on the bike, and he was talking about how his Strava feed was full of nothing but Petit. If it’s good enough for him, it’s good enough for me.

Tomorrow is a Yellow Day, but I think I might do some productive Tempo or barely-productive Sweet Spot, since I feel fine and I’m enjoying being not-sick!


Red days are not taking in to account that the sun is out for 3 days in a row. Have to make the most of it before the rain falls again :frowning:




I get a Red day after everyone of these. I’m not too bothered though because the feature is actually making me take more rest than I was doing previously and as a result I’m feeling a lot better and stronger when I’m on the bike. And i’ve stopped having legs that permenantly ache/hurt.


Well, after such a rides my legs don’t hurt at all and if anything I’m quite conservative in my training load anyways. While I get many people need to be protected from themselves and also often try to do to much I’m firmly on the opposite (and lazy) side. So I’m puzzled why RLGL seems not adaptive and learning at all?

Maybe it’s inherited TR mindset of everything over 2 hours is outrageous? :sweat_smile:

I did a 4 hour gravel ride yesterday and didn’t get as much as a yellow day.

Based on what you posted, it would seem that you have a relatively light training schedule normally, so when you pop out the odd long day, the system is gonna give you a heads up for the next day. Sounds like it is doing what it is supposed to do.


Quite possibly it is and that is why I’m following it’s advice despite the little reservations at the back of my mind.

No, I haven’t. While I go through the usual fluctuation of having times of a bit less riding per week in times of real awful winter weather (but still at least 2.5 hrs per week end day) it’s usually 4 to 5 rides per day and endurance ride durations are 3-4 hours long. When I say lazy I refer to the fact that I could well use and would improve by even more volume (and also a bit more intensity on one day per week) but I don’t. I think I’m pretty high on the bell curve of people doing least effective dose (at least for stuff like ultra cycling).

And also I don’t think that it is supposed to do stuff like that. But - oh well, I might just deactivate it after a while.