Cassette alignment issues with Elite Volano and XDR driver

I have an Elite Volano direct drive trainer, and have used it for three years or so with my previous bike. The old bike had 11-speed Ultegra mechanical. My new bike has SRAM Force eTap AXS, so I bought a second new 10-36 12-speed cassette and Elite’s XDR driver.

But I can’t get shifting to work properly, especially the two, three smallest cogs. I have tried microadjusting, mounted and remounted the cassette. As per SRAM’s instructions I did not use any spacers that were supplied with the new freehub (as it is an XDR cassette on an XDR driver. But even in the optimal setting, my chain has lots of low-frequency vibrations and hesitates to shift a little.

On my wheel shifting was essentially perfect. And I don’t want to make too many adjustments that I’d have to undo again when I want to ride outside.

PS While I found this thread on the topic, I couldn’t find any advice that applied to me (I have not shift cables, the cassettes are identical and everything is less than two weeks old).

Sometimes things just don’t align 100% on a trainer. You mention it’s the outer most gears, I’d check to make sure your hanger isn’t bent otherwise it kind of is what it is unless you want to make adjustments

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I’d guess that driver is for a 17mm axle and the axle is 12/15mm or something.

  1. Buy a set of calipers if you don’t already own a set

  2. Pull the driver / cassette.

  3. Measure the axle the drivers rides on (probably 12/15/17/20mm) . If there’s a spacer on the axle in there, include that in your measurement.

  4. Measure the inside of the bearings side the driver. Should be that same number.

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Here it says it’s not compatible
Probably for the reason above, but we may be able to sort this out with more parts…
You can probably find a 12-> 15mm axle spacer, but then you’d need a different end cap.
This might also work Miche Primato freehub bodies Shimano SRAM XDR or campagnolo for Miche/ | The Cycle Clinic (I saw the Elive V0lano uses a Miche Campy freehub)

Plan B… Just use an 11sp cassette and a different 12sp chain.

You’re probably in for $100 in parts. The Zumo / Suitos are about $600 on special.

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I don’t see the Volano listed (only a trainer called Volare that I don’t know). According to the listing for the XDR driver it is supposed to be compatible with the Volano and it indeed fits like a glove on the freehub. But I’ll look into it more.

I’d love to splurge on a trainer, but I just spent an ungodly amount on a new bike and I think my wife would be kinda unhappy if I went out and bought a new trainer (even though I’d love a new trainer).

It was listed on what I had originally looked at. It looks the same as the Muin in any case. Note the difference between the Muin QR and Muin non-QR, the Volano is probably the same.

On cheaper option than playing with the free hub body or axle sleeve, you might be able to change the bearing in the free hub body.

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Thanks for the input.

My Volano accepts thru axles, so it might be have the limitations as the Muin with thru axle support. I’ll get in touch with Elite and see whether my trainer is really compatible. I’d find it weird, though, if they sold an XDR driver that is advertised to be compatible with the Volano, but then isn’t truly compatible after all. :man_shrugging:

I reread your orginal post…
When you say three smallest cogs, you mean the 10-11-12 or the 36-32-28(?)?
If it’s 10-11-12, that likely a chain cassette issue.

  • Old chain new cassette
    -Could also be a chain that’s too long and bouncing off the jockey wheels/cage.
    -It could also be the jockey wheels too close to the cog with bad spacing between the cog and jockey wheel (the pulley is sending 2.5 link to the cassettes 2 teeth and can’t resolve the issue with the clearance it has.) Try adding some more B-screw or removing a bit. Maybe have someone do it while you’re riding.

If 36t side, that could be the RD hitting the trainer.

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It is 10–12. And it is not an old chain issue, the chain is not even two weeks old. Ditto for the cassettes and chain ring. The larger cogs work great.