Which pedal for a wider stance?

Standard SPD-SL pedal centre is 53mm. I’d prefer 60mm+.

One option is ultegra with the longer (+4mm) axle option, for 57mm, and then a couple of pedal spacers.

Axle extenders aren’t an option as there minimum you can add is 16mm - too much.

This is just for my trainer bike, so I’m not particularly wedded to a specific cleat style. My right foot is quite duck-footed, so I need to be able to rotate the cleat a fair bit - but maybe all systems allow that. Would prefer minimal float.

Thank you

The ONE time I’ll recommend the Assioma DUO-Shi with its 64-65mm pedal q-factor. Although this is an expensive way to get a wider stance on a trainer bike…

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You can buy aftermarket spindles for the Wahoo speedplay to fit a variety of lengths.

Seems the cheapest option is +4mm Ultegras. If they were +6 or +8 I wouldn’t hesitate. Wahoos seem to be the only other option, but at nearly twice the price.

I was going to recommend this too until I read the last sentence “Would prefer minimal float”. Speedplay actually used to have a kit for fitters that had multiple spindle lengths they could interchange, but I think that went away.

Bought some +8mm SQLab 512s. Same price as Ultegra but look cleats makes more sense for me than shimano, given other bikes/shoes I already have.

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Ah I hadn’t seen that. Still the float is an optional feature of the speedplays. It’s easy to remove it by adjusting them.

Hmm. Maybe I was using different models than you, but mine had a good 45 degrees of play if not more.

@mcneese.chad - I feel like you used to do some Speedplay fittings. Is that right? Can you clarify if the OP can get Speedplay pedals with the wide axels and minimal float? Sorry if I’m misremembering!!

Yeah, we sell and fit with Speedplay at times. The core here is the cleat mounted to the pedal. Speedplay offers more than one, and the amount of float is controlled by the user with only one IIRC (the “X” I think, but will do a quick search to lock down the info).

Wahoo’s has 2 stock cleat options:

  • Easy Tension (Light Action in the old days?)
  • Standard Tension

Both of which include set screws to adjust the amount and orientation of float.

You can lock rotation to effectively 0 by running both screws in as shown. Or you can loosen either/both to control the amount and neutral angle between the tab in the middle.

This link shows it as well as other cleat systems.

ETA, I do think there were periods of cleats (mainly the East/Light ones) that lacked the set screws and just had fixed amount of float. Been ages since I did that related fit so I may be remembering that wrong. Per the current Wahoo specs, it sounds like they all come with adjustment now.

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