Speedplay on gravel?

I’m looking for the best fit pedals for me. I want to move from flats and heavy 5-10 shoes to clipped in with lighter shoes for my gravel bike a Salsa Cutthroat.
I’m testing a pair of Look pedals with 8 degree float cleats. I have a low level discomfort in both knees, more right than left. I’ve had both needs treated with stem cells due to cartilage loss and medial meniscus damage in my left knee.
On flats no knee pain. When I clipped in it began. I have been working on internal hip rotation and medial leg strength to improve the alignment of my pedal stroke.
I’m looking into Speedplay pedals for the 15 degree float. Any other suggestions

Time ATAC pedals have cleats with 10* Cleat, 13* / 17* cleats release angle.

The also just added a new “Gravel” pedal that is a hybrid of the road and MTB pedal designs.

Have a look at the Speedplay Syzrs. I’ve got a set on my gravel bike and are very happy with them. Like all Speedplays though they don’t look after themselves.

The Syzr’s have 10* float, and I’m guessing the OP wants/needs more based on their comments.



I use speedplay frogs for everything. 20deg of FREE float. The tension does not change with angle. They are not as "icy’ feeling as speedplay road. I don’t think they are in the current catalog, but they’re everywhere and well liked, so they are easy to find new/used. If you go this route, just buy the cheap version. The Stainless version is just shiny but loses the ability to remove with the allen key ; i think the spindle shape isn’t as good for the bearings, but I haven’t verified. The Ti version is lighter, but I think you can find the spindles on ebay for cheap.

Upsides: They work great. Perfect even. Completely ruined every other pedal system for me. Super easy to clip into (unlike plastic road cleats). Float and release is intuitive. Will release in an accident without question.
Downsides: 1) maintenance - they plastic bodies flex letting water in. One of the bearing is also undersized. You need to rebuild them every 1000miles or so, which isn’t that hard. 2) Cleat wear - these need to be replace every season or so as the tabs on the side of the cleat break. 3) On the bike, doesn’t have that nice flat back feeling road cleats have if you like that.

I’m looking at the new Time Cyclo 6 to cut down on maintenance. I want to see how free-floating the float is. They also have 2mm (?) of side to side play, which should be better on your knees.

I’d also look into getting those forefoot wedges Specialized and BikeFit sell. They allow you to adjust the tilt your forefoot out 2deg or so. I use the and notice a different after a ride when they are not in place.


Thanks for all the insight. I’ve got access to several pedal options I’ll try for a few weeks each on the trainer so I can be ready to rock when the snow melts in the spring b

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