Speedplay vs. Traditional Road Pedals

Anyone have any history of knee/hip pain as a result of either pedal? I’ve got some hypermobility and noticed recently I’ve had problems with my knee from my speedplay pave pedals (too much float?). Thinking of making the change back to my Shimano Ultegra and during my bike fit this week.

I don’t have any experience with the Pave’s but have been using SP Zero’s for many years. The float in the Zero’s allows for adjustment of your foot position and many riders with knee issues find the extra float helpful. In your case it sounds like it might not be helpful secondary to hypermobility.

Looking at Speedplay’s website, it looks like you can dial in the amount of float on the Pave’s. Perhaps you will be better served with less float provided you can get them into a comfortable position.

Of course other factors are critical including saddle height and sadde fore/aft positioning.

How old are the cleats?
I started getting some knee pain and realised the cleats were rocking from side to side as they were basically worn out.

Cleats are about 1.5 years old maybe 2 so they have some miles on them. How long do typically speedplay last?

probably depends on how well you maintain them and the conditions you ride in. Given your question, I’m guessing you haven’t regreased them since you’ve had them so they may be wearing faster than designed. Oddly, if you spin them by hand and they spin fast and free, it’s likely they need grease. As far as the play mentioned, you should be able to feel the play by hand if it’s there. I have personally ridden with float and without and think fore/aft positioning makes a bigger difference to me.