Which packable rain jacket?

Hi, I’ve gone a bit crazy on the Rapha black friday sale and treated myself to a load of winter gear after rocking old hand me downs and thin amazon gear for the past year or so.

I bought merino wool base layers, a merino jersey, insulated gillet and the Pro Team Gore-Tex Insulated Rain Jacket. I am starting to wonder however if the rain jacket was a mistake…

I am now thinking in hindsight I could have done with a more breathable/lightweight rain jacket which could layer well with my base layer, merino wool jersey and gillet if needed. Rapha have told me even with just 1 base layer and the rain jacket I wouldn’t want to go out in any temps above 10C. It’s supposed to be a super warm jacket, but not very versatile by the sounds of it.

Thoughts please?

I bought the Insulated Gore-tex jacket earlier this year and am probably going to sell it on. It is far too good at it’s job and on the few occasions I’ve worn it (once in Tour de Solvang and once in the Peak District last week) I was drenched in sweat after an hour. I would definitely advise giving it a miss unless you live in proper Arctic conditions

Gore Shakedry!


I bought 7mesh industries Oro rain jacket w/ ShakeDry. It’s very light and when stuffed inside its internal pocket, you can store it in your jersey pocket. Fits over jersey and base layer (providing you size up). Last August, I used it descending down Juniper Pass during rain and 45F (while riding Colorado’s Triple Bypass). Stayed warm and dry.

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+1 for the Gore Wear Shakedry waterproof jacket, I have settled on the C5 after many years trying out various brands.
I can still sweat inside of it, but have learnt to use less layers under it and trust it for its warmth too. Have gone with solely a base layer and jacket, no jersey or gillet combo.

For packable rain jacket I have Castelli Squadra, but it is “boil in the bag”…. Only ok to put on for unexpected short showers.

For winter Cold and Rain, I wear Castelli Alpha Ros 2……it’s a great jacket, I get my warmth from what I wear under it, and can also use it most of the year with the appropriate top underneath, either Adidas Techfit Climawarm or Climacool body armour long sleeve tops.

I’ve heard good reports of the Castelli Gabba stuff.

Core Rain Jacket II from Rapha - durable, small, keeps the rain away - not warm though…

I would head over to Pas Normal Studios, and grab one of their rain jackets on sale now :slight_smile:

Love mine, super light and easy to fold etc.

Of course it’s not as small as the wind jacket, but if its gonna be properly rain repellant as well, it has to be a bit thicker!

Ive got the Rapha Packable Jacket (I think its a rebranded Gore) its pretty breathable and I’ve used it in summer and winter as a top layer but most times I’d wear a softshell.

Thanks guys, have decided I’ll return the insulated rain jacket and have bought a Gore Wear Shakedry! Should be a more versatile option that I can use in all months of the year!


You’ll probably still be able to get them in the short term but I think I saw the headline Gore are withdrawing the Shake dry. Its a bit too complicated/ expensive to make but the reason its supposed to be good for cyclists is that complexity I believe.

Don’t hang around if you want a Gore-Tex Shakedry jacket – the fabric is being retired. Plus tech news from Campagnolo, MET, Kask + more | road.cc

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Yeah I saw that, good time to invest in a decent rain jacket now I guess whilst stock is still about… I did wonder why Rapha had discontinued their shakedry jacket.

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Does the back say PNS though?

Nice. With the Strava code you get 30% discount. 240 instead of 340.

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I’ve got a showers pass elite jacket that I can roll tight and put it into a cycling jersey pocket. It’s 8 years old and going strong. Has under arm zippable vents and dual zipper on the front. Excellent product