April Showers - Rain Gear

The rainy season is here and I have a long endurance race this weekend. 100% chance of rain in the forecast to boot.

Any recommendations for rain gear? I’m particularly interested in a jacket/parka and insulation is not a requirement.

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Depends on your preferences, how heavy/consistent the weather is likely to be and the type of racing but I opt for my Castelli Gabba or Perfetto for 99% of my spring/autumn rides when rain is likely.

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Another vote for the Castelli Gabba from me.


+1 for the Gabba. Hands down the best piece of cycling kit I own. But I also pack a race cape if it’s going to be really wet. Endure Race cape over Gabba has kept me bone dry on long wet rides. It’s also more breathable than a rain jacket.

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This thing is truly magic:

It’s my go-to jacket even when it’s dry.

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I have a Castelli Fawesome 2 gillet for wind and rain, but having commuted long miles hell or high waters I realised that staying dry is a losing battle.

If I were to be convinced a jacket was worthwhile, I’d look at the Castelli Alpha, or Alpha ROS as I think they call it now.

I’m sure there are other brands with similar offerings but these guys have impressed me with everything I’ve bought except the Storica jersey, which was unwearable.

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A lot of randonneurs go for Shower Pass. Now I’m in Europe, so it insists on sending me to a UK site, but you’ll get the idea. It’s an american product from the west coast, I think.

Scroll down for the lighter stuff.

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