POC Haven Rain Jacket

Anyone own one of these rain jackets? Looking to upgrade beyond my current bargain basement ‘waterproof’ and can get a good deal on one of these (£160). Like the idea of Goretex Shakedry but to be honest likely to be beyond the budget. Seems like an okay balance between breathability and waterproofness, without being a super lightweight fabric likely to be damaged easily.

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I can’t speak specifically to the Haven jacket, but if it’s anything like my old POC Raceday jacket from a few years back it’ll do fine. Breathability is outstanding and fully waterproof, fits nicely in a jersey pocket too.
Maybe there are some reviews online?

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Thanks, can’t find any reviews online at all on any sites, Neale, hence why I asked here. Must be a newly launched product, but got my suspicions up a little bit…

Castelli Idro 2 (shakedry) is on sale at <£200 at the moment as they launched a new version. Might be worth having a look to see if you can find one in your size at similar price to the POC. I have a shakedry which is why I noticed how cheap the castelli was (and kicked myself!), it’s a great material.

i got something like this :1

Any wind proof / waterproof jacket is garbage for “breathabilty”. You need convection for humidity dissipation.

Shakydry is garbage compared to a “water restaurant” jacket. Try Ornots magic shell.

I like the sound of Ornots Magic Shell but the lack of taped seams is an issue for me. When it rains here, it rains.

I have something similar just now but find that it wets through pretty easily, which is fine in a shower but in sustained rain not a lot of help. The main thing that has made me think of investing in something more comprehensive than what I have is a two day bikepacking trip I’m doing in early October. In lieu of spending £2/300 I think I’m likely to pack my Montane hiking hardshell on the bungee cords of the saddle bag and just deal with lack of breathability vs alternatives. If the weather looks bad enough to have a waterproof on for 2 x 12 hour rides, I am unlikely to do the trip anyway…

If you think shakedry is garbage you’ve never tried one. There is always going to be a trade off between waterproofness and breathability. But the shakedry is the most breathable fully waterproof and packable jacket I’ve ever found. And I’ve tried a lot over 30 years of cycling and other outdoor sports in the UK! There are days when it’s warm and/or not that wet and you want more breathability and can settle for “water resistant” as a trade off. And there are days when water resistant just doesn’t cut it and will eventually leave you cold, wet and miserable.

I had one. It was a garbage bag. It doesn’t breathe any better than any other Gore Active super light jacket. Anything without some convection is crap. I look for air permeable stuff now.
Try the Microclimate jacket, a Pertex Quantum jacket, one of the expanded PTFE (Outdoor Research AscentShell, Northface something something). They’re the same basic thing as Goretex and the rest of them, but they have a billion micro holes in them. You won’t realize you’ve still got it on when it turns dry and 70f. The first two items there aren’t as waterproof, but you won’t get drenched with sweat.

It’s not a rain jacket - it’s a “it just rained jacket” for when it’s drizzling or splashing.
Try the other shells from Ornot or Velico (or Outdoor Research if you don’t need bike cut). The proper rain shells won’t fold as small. The non-seam taped jackets get down to 2/3 of a beer can, the shells are probably 2-3x the packed size. The Shakedry is a better emergency really raining jackets, but a better jacket that you’d plan to wear.