Which cycling test would you like to see investigated in a research study?

Hi everyone,

I’m currently studying for an MSc in Applied Sports and Exercise Science at the University of Derby, and – I’m also planning a study that will investigate the validity and reliability of cycling-based fitness tests used to prescribe training. However, before I start this study, I need to decide which tests to investigate.

Instead of deciding this choice myself, I thought that I’d reach out to some fellow cyclists and coaches to get their opinions on which test I should investigate with an online questionnaire that I’ve created. For this reason, I just wanted to ask if it would be possible for some of you to fill out this questionnaire for me? It doesn’t take long to complete, all the responses are confidential, and none of the questions asks for personal information. I would also be massively appreciative of all of those that respond!

Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read this post, and if you are interested – here is the link to my questionnaire:


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