Which crank/ power meter for gravel bike?

Hi, all. I’m looking for some guidance. I have a giant revolt gravel bike with Ultegra group and a praxis zayante crank (48/32). The cassette is an 11/34.

I’d like to upgrade the stock crank so I can fit a power meter, but I don’t want to ditch the entire group set since it’s fairly new and works perfectly fine. I’d also like to maintain similar (or better) gear ratios for climbing; with that said, I don’t think a 1x would be a god option, or would it? What cranks/ power meter combos should I be looking at? I’d like to keep everything sub-$500 if possible.

For cranks, I think Quarq is alone at the top. But I’ve switching to Garmin Rally Xc100 since I have Ekar on my gravel bike now. I’m happy so far with the Rally’s.


Several existing topics worth review:


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Quarq D-Zero would be my choice, but might not be in your budget. I don’t know if anyone does a 3-bolt (SRAM) spider PM that would fit your Praxis cranks (Quarq used to years ago). Have you considered PM pedals?


Look into the Sigeyi AXO spider power meters. They have one that’s compatible with the 3 bolt SRAM and Praxis. There’s a thread here on TR for these PMs and GPLama also put out a recent video review of it on YouTube with positive comments.

+1 for Quarq D Zero

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i have a 4iii precision left crank 105.

I like my quarq dzero. Also customer service by them is top notch. Buddy has a rotor and he was down over a month while they replaced it. I was down less then a week when my 10 year old unit broke.

I am deciding between a Quarq and the Power 2 Max for my Ibis Hakka MX. Good reviews for the P2M from both DCRainmaker and GPLama.

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I’ve used PT pedals for 10 ish years and they arent durable. Had to replace them 2x. PR pedals are discontinued and they replaced mine with Quark. I’d avoid pedals.

Another vote for a Quarq DZero.
I got mine 8 months ago, and it has been completely boring. That is, it just worked, 100 % of the time. I just had to replace the battery once. No dropouts, no weird power spikes, no bedding in time. Reliable power from day 1. Add to that automatic zeroing. It also has a much wider cadence measurement range than my 4iiii.

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Have 2 P2Ms - both solid for years. Buy based on the crank and price.

Had 2 used PMs before that - a P2M and Quarq - both 2012-ish. The P2M had a big battery triangle and wouldn’t fit some chainrings, so it was sold. The Quarq randomly died.

In any case, you’re going to get your $$ worth out of it.

I asked Powermetercity about this and they sent me this. A little above your budget but seems like a great option.
So power2max makes gravel rings that come in a 48/31 or 46/30 size that would fit. The tricky thing is, you want the MTB version of power2max Praxis:

(as long as your Zayante uses the 3-bolt interface it would fit perfectly)

assioma’s with the SPD “hack”.
Dead simple and can be swapped between bikes in 60s or less.

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Also using the Garmin Rallys on my newly purchased gravel bike.

I’ve had them on my XC rig for one full season now with no hiccups.

I have one of these for sale… great setup. Mine is 175mm, 46/30, 24mm spindle. Happy to bro-deal it to a TR friend… I have it listed on the Paceline Forum where I spend more (ok, waaay too much) time.


Thanks for the reply. I just learned Garmin released an SPD style pedal. This would work well since I could swap the pedal between my gravel bike and XC bike. Thanks for the recommendation!

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Any long term reviews on the XC100? Mainly for long sustained gravel climbs where I would do my TR workouts, maybe even technical climbs where you would really put the power down.

I do think crank based is better (and cheaper) but I’d love a PM that I could take with me when I travel and easily swap between bikes (I only use SPD, on and off road).